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guitar tuner search result (259 programs)

With these Guitar Tuner Programs you can tune your guitar with ease. Tuning is one of the pitfalls of learning to play the guitar and is often where many aspiring Hendrix’s fall down, but with these programs the process is made simple, so simple that even an amateur can do it.
Tunes a guitar in EADGBE standard tuning
Guitar Tuner Download
Learn to play the guitar effectively and impress your friends
Guitar Learning Software Download
An Internet Explorer plug in for learning the guitar
Play Guitar Download
Chromatic Multi-Temperament Instrument Tuner
Chromatia Tuner Download
Used by guitar players to learn about chords
ChordSMART Download
Retrieves lyrics from your media player
EvilLyrics Download
Writes out guitar and brass tabs
Tab Tools Download
Phrase Trainer makes it easy to learn riffs
Phrase Trainer Download
Software for the guitar playing composer.
Song Sheet Download
Learn a metronome's beat digitally
Metronome Download
Analyses a song and deciphers the cords
Chord Pickout Download
Another great installment to the legendary franchise.
Need For Speed Underground Download
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