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mozilla firefox search result (635 programs)

Skips search engine pages and goes directly to results
Cliqz Beta for Firefox Download
Identify the location of your ISP and translate webpages
Flagfox for FireFox Download
Dispenses with long-term Super-Cookies that can compromise your information
BetterPrivacy for Firefox Download
A program that fully protects your online privacy.
DoNotTrackMe for Firefox for Mac Download
Create image and PDF files of any website
pdfit for Firefox Download
A tool for web developers to edit and debug sites
Firebug for FireFox Download
Lets you take greater control over your RSS feeds
Brief for Firefox Download
Enables users to prevent their children from seeing objectionable content
Blocksi for Firefox Download
Lets you choose your preferred font size and style
Theme Font & Size Changer for Firefox Download
Eliminates tracking cookies to protect your browsing privacy
Self-Destructing Cookies for Firefox Download
Learn about the sites you visit and others like them
SimilarWeb for Firefox Download
Resets your search bar, homepage, and URL bar searches
SearchReset for Firefox Download
Prevent sites from using mechanisms to follow your internet activity
Ghostery for FireFox Download
Control which videos and audios play automatically in your browser
QuickJava for Firefox Download
Avoid seeing sites that you don't want to access
BlockSite for Firefox Download
A search engine that doesn't track your internet activity
DuckDuckGo Plus for Firefox Download
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Type your search here:
i.e.: skype, chrome, uTorrent