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Compressed and Archive Files (60 file types)

Compressed and Archive Files - Types & Formats of file extensions

By: Jasmin Morel

Everyone needs to preserve disk space in order to fit more files on their computer. The only solution is to squeeze those files down to a smaller size. Compressed files allow you to do that. Compressed archive formats allow you to squeeze all those files into a single archive.

There are a lot of compressed files types, such as .ZIP, .RAR, .TAR, .CAB, and .ARJ and the reason for this is because several compression algorithms can be used to compress those files.

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.7z 7-zip Compressed 7z Archive File
.cbr Comic Book RAR Archive File
.gz Gzip Compressed Archive File
.jar Java Archive File
.pit PackIt Compressed Archive File
.rar WinRAR RAR Compressed Archive File
.tar Unix Standard Archive Format, Tape Archive File
.tgz Gzip Tar File
.dl_ Compressed DLL File
.bz2 Bzip2 Compressed File Archive
.cbz Comic Book Zip Archive File
.war Java Web Archive File
.z01 WinZip First Split Zip File
.zip Zipped File
.mpq Blizzard Entertainment Archive File
.cab Windows Cabinet Compressed Archive File
.deb Debian Linux Package File
.isz Ultraiso Compressed Disk Image File
.lzh LHARC Compressed Archive File
.pak PAK (Packed) File
.r00 WinRAR Compressed Archive File
.rpm Red Hat Package Manager File
.sfx Self-extracting Compressed Archive File
.sis Symbian Installation File
.sit Stuffit Expander Archive Format File
.sitx Stuffit Archive File
.vem Virtual Expander Compressed File
.z02 WinZip Second Split Zip File
.zi Renamed Zip File
.zipx Extended Zip File
.par Parchive Index File
.pf Private File
.pkg Mac OS X Installer Package File
.pup PlayStation 3 Update File
.uha Uharc Compressed Archive File
.zix Winzix Compressed Archive File
.alz ALZip Archive File
.cbt Comic Book TAR File
.gzip Gnu Zipped File
.imz Winimage Compressed File
.ipg Ipod Game Package File
.mar Mozilla Archive File
.msu Microsoft Update Standalone Package File
.pax Pax Archive File
.r30 WinRAR Split Archive Part 30 File
.sea Self-Extracting Archive File
.shr Unix Shell Archive File
.upx Ultimate Packer For Executable File
.xz Xz Utils Compressed Archive File
.z Unix Compressed Archive File
.zoo Zoo Compressed File
.aba Palm Address Book Archive File
.arj Arj Compressed Archive File
.atr Atari 8-bit Disk Image File
.c00 Split Multi-volume Ace Compressed File Archive
.kgb KGB Archiver Compressed Archive File
.pae Powerarchiver Encrypted Archive File
.sfs Squashfs File Archive File
.zl Zlib Compressed File
.ace Winace Compressed Ace Archive File

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