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Configuraton Files (111 file types)

Configuraton Files - Types & Formats of file extensions

By: Jasmin Morel

Setting files configure initial settings for some computers and their applications. You never open these settings files because they are usually modified by the related application when program preferences are changed. System administrators can create and modify these files.

Preference files or configuration files are equivalent names for settings files. Popular configuration file extensions are .VMX, .OPS, .INS and .CSF.

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.iss Installshield Silent Response File
.m3u MP3 Songs Playlist File
.mpl Avchd Playlist File
.psf Photoshop Proof Settings File
.sol Flash Local Shared Object File
.wfc Windows Wireless Network Settings File
.dst Autocad Sheet Set File
.set Settings File
.adr Opera Bookmarks File
.atn Adobe Photoshop Actions Settings File
.cdt CorelDRAW Image Template File
.cfg Configuration File
.cva HP Systems Software Manager Information File
.ica Citrix ICA File
.ifo DVD Movie Information File Format
.ini Windows Initialization File
.nth Nokia Series 40 And 60 Theme File
.oem OEM Setup File
.vmx Vmware Configuration File
.wab Microsoft Windows Address Book File
.blob Valve Steam Archive File
.cam Gerber Cam Job File
.cfm Adobe Coldfusion Template File
.ctb Autocad Colour-dependent Plot Style Table File
.fmt FoxPro Format File
.grd Photoshop Gradient File
.iaf Outlook Internet Account File
.inf Setup Information File
.mst Windows Installer Transform Script File
.nra Nero Audio-cd Compilation File
.odm Overdrive Media Console Media Control File
.pab Microsoft Outlook Personal Address Book File
.ppd PostScript Printer Description File
.qtp Apple Quicktime Preferences File
.rdf Resource Description Framework Rss Feed File
.sar Sibelius Arrange Style SAR File
.sif Microsoft Windows NT Setup Installation File
.skn Symbian OS Skin File
.spf SlingPlayer Favorites File
.xlb Excel Toolbars File
.zap Zero Administration Package File
.cl5 Easy Cd Creator Saved Project File
.clg Windows Catalog File
.cnf MySQL Configuration File
.drm Cubase Drum Map Setup File
.mmp Symbian Project Specification File
.ops Microsoft Office Profile Settings File
.opt Options File
.rcf SonicWALL VPN Configuration File
.rdp Remote Desktop Configuration File
.sed IExpress Self Extraction Directive File
.sfo Cuteftp Search File
.udl Microsoft Data Link File
.xbel Bookmark Exchange Language File
.zpl Zune Playlist File
.arg Autocad Profile Export File
.aux LaTeX Auxiliary File
.cf Sendmail Configuration File
.conf Unix Configuration File
.config Configuration File
.cpx Oracle ADF Binding Context File
.csf Adobe Color Settings File
.dbb Skype User Information File
.dbg FoxPro Debugger Configuration File
.dcp Adobe DNG Camera Profile
.ddf Diamond Directive File
.dsw Microsoft Visual Studio Workspace File
.fmp Autocad Font Map File
.icc ICC Profile
.icm Windows Image Color Matching File
.id2 Microsoft Live Messenger Avatar File
.idf Inspiredata File
.ins Internet Settings File
.mad Microsoft Access Module Shortcut File
.mbr Zune Smooth Streaming File
.mf Java Manifest File
.mnu AutoCAD Interface Layout File
.msm Windows Installer Merge Module File
.ora Oracle Database Parameter Configuration File
.oss Microsoft Office Saved Search File
.pal Painter Custom Palettes File
.pc3 AutoCAD Plotter Configuration File
.pdfs Adobe Illustrator File
.pip Office Personalized Settings File
.prf Outlook Profile File
.prm Parameter File
.prx Windows Media Profile File
.tsk Pocket PC Skin File
.ui User Interface File
.user Visual Studio Project User Options File
.vim Vim Script File
.vlt VLC Media Player Skin File
.wms Windows Media Player Skin File
.wmz Compressed Windows Media Player Skin File
.wsz Winamp Skin Zip File
.arl Aol Organizer File
.chl WinFast PVR2 Channel List File
.ens Endnote Style File
.gid Microsoft Windows Help General Index File
.grp Smartermail Group File
.gxt Grand Theft Auto 2 Game File
.icd Installable Client Driver File
.mcw Monitor Calibration Wizard File
.scf Windows Explorer Shell Command File
.skin ASP.NET Skin File
.smt Samsung Theme File
.snx Pisnoop Workspace File
.trs Rosetta Stone Language Data File
.vmc Windows Virtual Machine Configuration File
.wba Windowblinds Desktop Visual Style File
.xpl X-plane Plug-in File

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