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Data and Binary Files (334 file types)

Data and Binary Files - Types & Formats of file extensions

By: Jasmin Morel

The most typical type of computer file is the data file which includes libraries, project files, or saved documents. Data files can be established in downloading applications, or simply created by the user. Data files can be saved in a binary configuration or as plain text.

Data files comprise more categories than libraries, project files, or saved documents, however file types that don’t fit in these categories are still placed in the data file category. Popular data file extensions are .DAT, .PST, .PPS and .PDX.

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.dat Data File
.sfv Simple File Verification Checksum File
.xml XML Document File
.dsb Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Project File
.iif Quickbooks Interchange Format File
.ink Mimio Ink Data File
.iss Installshield Silent Response File
.lng Language Application Support File
.mpp Microsoft Project Plan File
.out Output File
.ppsx Microsoft Powerpoint Open XML Complete Slide
.pst Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder File
.spv SPSS Output Document File
.tar Unix Standard Archive Format, Tape Archive File
.usr SmartMusic Custom File
.vcf vCard File
.vdf Antivir Virus Definition File
.xfd Extensible Forms Description Language Template File
.car Car Explorer Data File
.cwk Clarisworks Document File
.id IBM Lotus Notes ID File
.key Keynote Presentation File
.loc GPS Location File
.ofm Melco Embroidery File
.ptb Power Tab File
.qbw Quickbooks Company File
.qdf Quicken Data File
.qrp QuickReport File
.t12 At Home 2012 Tax Return File
.wk4 Lotus 4 Worksheet File
.xnk Microsoft Exchange Shortcut File
.xxx Compucon/singer Psw Embroidery Design File
.cap Packet Capture File
.crtx Office 2007 Chart Template File
.csv Comma Separated Value File
.ct Cheat Engine Cheat Table File
.dps Kingsoft Presentation File
.inp Abaqus Input File
.ldif Ldif Address Book Interchange Format File
.ofc Open Financial Connectivity Format
.one Microsoft Onenote Document File
.prj Project File
.sim SAP Tutor File
.txf Tax Exchange Format File
.uwl Novell Groupwise User Word List File
.wb3 Corel Quattro Pro Spreadsheet File
.wk1 Lotus Worksheet File
.xlt Excel Template File
.ab2 Parson's Address Book File
.bk Power Chess Opening Book File
.brd Eagle Circuit Board File
.dbd Demoshield Project File
.eas Rslogix Symbol File
.efx Everex Efax Fax Document File
.fdb Portfolio Catalog File
.fxp Adobe Flex Project File
.gno Genopro Genealogy Document File
.hbk Mathcad Handbook File
.hcr HydroCAD Rainfall Curve Data File
.hst History File
.ies Iesna Photometric Data File
.jef Janome Embroidery Layout File
.njb Nikon Digital SLR Camera Image Index File
.nrl Autonomy Interwoven Link File
.org Lotus Organiser File
.ova Open Virtual Appliance File
.pka Packet Tracer Activity File
.ptn Paperport Thumbnail Images File
.qel Quicken Electronic Library File
.qph Quicken Price History File
.sch EAGLE Schematics File
.t11 At Home 2011 Tax Return File
.tag Dataflex Query Tag Name File
.tdt THOR Data Tree File
.tef Tabledit Tablature File
.trm FTR Media File
.upg Firmware Upgrade File
.vce Visual Certexam Suite Exam File
.vir Virus Infected File
.wab Microsoft Windows Address Book File
.apm Aldus Placeable Metafile
.cdx ChemDraw Exchange File
.crc Total Commander CRC File
.ddl Sql Data Definition Language File
.dif Data Interchange Format
.edi Edi Engine Electronic Data Interchange File
.env Adobe Dictionary Data File
.fid File Expander Engine Descriptions Database File
.ged GEDCOM Genealogy Data File
.ima Sage ACT! Email Message File
.lbx Visual Foxpro Main (dbf) Label Description File
.ldf SQL Server Transaction Log File
.lef LEN Exchange Format File
.lib Generic Data Library File
.md5 Checksum File
.mdl MathWorks Simulink Model File
.mny Microsoft Money Data File
.net Netviz Project File
.not Notation File
.odp Openoffice.org Opendocument Presentation File
.oft Microsoft Outlook Template File
.pab Microsoft Outlook Personal Address Book File
.paf Personal Ancestral File
.pcap Packet Capture Data File
.pot PowerPoint Template File
.pps PowerPoint Slide Show File
.ppt PowerPoint Presentation File
.pptx PowerPoint Open XML Presentation File
.rpt Crystal Reports File
.sar Sibelius Arrange Style SAR File
.sbx ESRI Spatial Index File
.tax Turbotax Tax Return File
.tbk Toolbook File
.vcs vCalendar Event File
.wid SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence File
.xsl XML Stylesheet File
.xyz Molecule Specification File
.abi DNA Chromatogram File
.acs Agent Character File
.bld Envisioneer Building Project File
.box E-mail Mailbox File
.bt! Bitspirit Incomplete Download File
.cml Chemical Markup Language Document File
.col Capture One Session File
.cxt Director Protected Cast File
.ddb Digidesign Database File
.dta Chain Engineering Database File
.efi Extensible Firmware Interface Firmware File
.epf Edgecam Educational Part File
.fasta FASTA Sequence File
.fil Files List Object File
.gedcom GEDCOM Genealogy File
.gp3 Guitar Pro 3 Project File
.grf Dplot Graph File
.isf Inspiration Diagram File
.mdm Hlm Multivariate Data Matrix File
.mex Macro Express File
.mmap Mindmanager Map File
.mtw Trados Multiterm Termbase File
.ndx dBASE Index File
.pc Personal Composer Musical Notation File
.pcb Printed Circuit Board File
.pdx Adobe Acrobat Index File
.poi Magellan Maestro Point Of Interest File
.prs Harvard Graphics Presentation File
.qfx Quicken Financial Exchange Format
.qm QT Compiled Translation Source File
.qsd Quicken Data File
.rdb N64 ROM Database File
.rsc Symbian Application Compiled Resource File
.rsp RSLogix PLC Program File
.sdf Standard Data File
.sfo Cuteftp Search File
.sig Signature File
.str dBASE Structure List Object File
.t09 At Home 2009 Tax Return File
.t10 At Home 2010 Tax Return File
.trc Oracle Sql*net Trace Debug File
.tst TestPoint Test File
.txd Renderware Texture Dictionary File
.val Valodas Dictionary File
.vdb Symantec Virus Database File
.{pb Corel Wordperfect Backup File
.1pe Turbotax Tax Forms File
.1st Visual Foxpro Documenting Wizard List File
.ax Directshow Filter File
.azz Azz Cardfile Information Card File
.bsd BSDL File
.cel Affymetrix Probe Results File
.cms Connection Manager Service Profile
.cpr Cubase Project File
.data Analysis Studio Offline Data File
.dic Dictionary File
.dict Dictionary File
.dis Oracle Discoverer Workbook File
.eap Enterprise Architect Project File
.emb Wilcom Embroidery Design File
.fo Xsl-fo Form File
.gal Genepix Array List File
.gbr Gerber File
.gcf Steam Client Grid Cache File
.gdf Geos Dictionary File
.id2 Microsoft Live Messenger Avatar File
.idf Inspiredata File
.itl iTunes Library File
.kdc Kaspersky Virus Database File
.lex Adobe Linguistic Library Data File
.mai Microsoft Mail Message File
.mat MATLAB MAT-File
.mbx Outlook Express Mailbox File
.menc Microsoft Windows Mobile Encrypted File
.met eMule Resource File
.mfl Mozilla Firefox Xul Fastload File
.mmf Meal-Master Recipe File
.mpt Microsoft Project Template Tile File
.mpx Microsoft Project Export File
.msm Windows Installer Merge Module File
.nvm PlayStation 2 BIOS Configuration File
.obd Microsoft Office Binder Document File
.oss Microsoft Office Saved Search File
.pdfs Adobe Illustrator File
.potx Microsoft Powerpoint Open XML Presentation Template
.pp Pocket Physics Saved Data File
.ppf Edgecam Pathtrace Part File
.pre Freelance Presentation File
.qif Quicken Interchange Format File
.rtp Gromacs Residue Topology Parameter File
.scd TurboTax Tax Schedule List File
.sdp Session Description Protocol File
.sff Standard Flowgram Format File
.shw Corel Presentations Slide Show File
.sps SPSS Program File
.ssp Screensaver Producer Project File
.sta ABAQUS Status File
.stf Exchange 2000 Server Temporary File
.stm Exchange Streaming Media File
.tsv Tab Separated Values File
.vbw Visual Basic Workspace File
.vmt Valve Material File
.vpp Visual Paradigm For Uml Project File
.vrd Visio Report Definition File
.vtx Visio Template XML File
.wb2 Corel Quattro Pro Spreadsheet File
.wcd Works Calendar File
.wcf Webex Saved Chat Session File
.wdf Workshare Compare DeltaFile
.wk3 Lotus 3 Worksheet File
.wpf Corel Wordperfect Form File
.wpk Nero Wave Editor File
.xmi XML Metadata Interchange Format
.xslt Xsl Transform File
.zdct Adobe Language File
.!qb Qbittorrent Incomplete Download File
.4dv 4d View Ultrasound File
.aam Adobe Authorware Shocked File
.aby AOL Address Book File
.aca Agent Character Animation File
.acc Graphics Accounts Data File
.ad After Dark Screen Saver File
.adv Nortek Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter File
.adx Approach Database Index File
.aft Ancestry.com Family Tree Database File
.avd Magix Movie Edit Pro Video Data File
.bck Backupexpress Pro File
.bcm Business Contact Manager File
.bim Bytessence Installmaker Project File
.blb Blob Data File
.brf Braille File
.ccf Cryptload Container File
.chw Microsoft Help HTML Help General Index File
.cl4 Easy Cd Creator Cd Layout File
.clm Magicjack Call Log File
.cpf Cognos Project File
.cvd ClamAV Virus Definitions File
.dht GAUSS Data Set Header File
.dpt Kingsoft Presentation Template File
.emx Emusic Download File
.ens Endnote Style File
.esx Xactimate Insurance Claims Estimate File
.exm Boson Exam File
.exx Ibm Linkway Intermediate File
.flo iGrafx FlowCharter File
.frd Frequency Response Data File
.ftw Family Tree Maker File
.grp Smartermail Group File
.gwp Greetings Workshop File
.hds Microsoft PlayReady Data File
.ifs InfoSlips Package File
.jmp JMP Data File
.jnt Microsoft Windows Journal Note File
.lbl NiceLabel Template File
.ldb Microsoft Access Record-locking Information File
.lfp IPRO LFP File
.lix Logos Library System File
.lsl LightScribe Label File
.lyr Arcview Layer File
.mcd Mathcad Document File
.mhp Maths Helper Plus File
.mlb MyLabel Designer Deluxe Project File
.mmc Microsoft Media Catalog File
.mol Mdl Molfile Molecule File
.mth Derive Math File
.mwf MapGuide Author Map Window File
.ndb ClamAV Extended Signature File
.ndk Lotus Notes Database Design Elements File
.ntf Lotus Note Template File
.ntx Theword Encrypted Module File
.nup Eset Nod32 Antivirus Update File
.nws Windows Live Mail Newsgroup File
.odx Microsoft Biztalk Server Diagram File
.ofx Open Financial Exchange Format File
.ond Lotus Notes File
.opx OrgPlus Org Chart File
.or3 Ibm Lotus Organizer 97 File
.p2p Microsoft Foldershare File
.pfc Aol Personal Filling Cabinet File
.phb Motorola Phone Book File
.pkt Packet Tracer Network Simulation File
.pos Trimble Position File
.prz Freelance Graphics Presentation File
.pts Pro Tools Session File
.pvd Polygen3D Vector Descriptor File
.pxl Microsoft Pocket Excel Spreadsheet File
.qbr Quickbooks Report Template File
.qdat Quicktime Installer Cache File
.qdt Quicken 3 & 4 Data File
.rdx Borland Reflex Database File
.ref Microsoft Train Simulator Reference File
.rpd Roleplay Designer Data File
.rwg Random Word Generator File Format
.sbd Office Accounting Company Data File
.sgn Slax Boot File
.spo SPSS Statistical Data Output File
.stu Pinnacle Studio Project File
.swk Studyworks Save File
.t05 Taxcut 2005 Tax Return File
.t07 Taxcut 2007 Tax Return File
.t08 Taxcut 2008 Tax Return File
.tbl StarCraft Information Table File
.tdb Ebay Turbo Lister File
.tmx Translation Memory Exchange File
.tpf Transit Nxt Pack Translation File
.trk CoMPEGps Land Track File
.trs Rosetta Stone Language Data File
.ttx Trados Tageditor Tradostag XML File
.uds Sierra Generations Genealogy Family File
.umf MediaHolder Universal Media Format File
.unk Uvprobe File
.vi Labview Virtual Instrument File
.vm Velocity Template File
.w02 Split Archive File
.wfm Tektronix Waveform Data File
.xsf InfoPath Form Definition File
.zdb Zimbra Database File

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