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Database Files (46 file types)

Database Files - Types & Formats of file extensions

By: Jasmin Morel

Most people like structure and if you’re storing data you want it organized so you can easily access and part of the data you want. Database files give you the organization you need. They can set up your data in tables and fields.

Each entry in a database is known as a record and databases commonly store information that is referenced by dynamic websites. Popular database file extensions are: .DB, .MDB, .ITDB, and .DBF.

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.dbf Database File
.pdb Program Database File
.wdb Microsoft Works Database File
.db Database File
.edb Exchange Information Store Database File
.mdb Microsoft Access Database File
.bqy Brioquery Database File
.db3 Database File
.fp5 Filemaker Pro Database File
.fdb Portfolio Catalog File
.fol PFS First Choice Database File
.abs Absolute Database Single-file Database File
.cdb Symbian Phonebook Database File
.dbt Database Text Memo File
.ddl Sql Data Definition Language File
.frm Mysql Database Metadata File
.nsf Lotus Notes Database File
.sql Structured Query Language Data SQL File
.sqlite Sqlite Database File
.dbc FoxPro Database File
.dsn Database Source Name File
.dta Chain Engineering Database File
.fpt FileMaker Pro Database Memo File
.gdb GPS Database File
.mtw Trados Multiterm Termbase File
.pdx Adobe Acrobat Index File
.rsd RealSQLDatabase File
.tps Clarion TopSpeed Data File
.trc Oracle Sql*net Trace Debug File
.udl Microsoft Data Link File
.adb Alpha Five Database File
.azz Azz Cardfile Information Card File
.dbs SQLBase Database File
.dcx FoxPro Database Index File
.itdb Apple Itunes Database File
.kdc Kaspersky Virus Database File
.ndf SQL Server Secondary Database File
.odb OpenDocument Database File
.ora Oracle Database Parameter Configuration File
.adx Approach Database Index File
.cpd RoboHelp Cache Project Database File
.fr3 Fastreport Form File
.ftw Family Tree Maker File
.gwi Groupwise Link Information File
.his Findinsite Database Definition File
.ndk Lotus Notes Database Design Elements File

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