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Developer Files (152 file types)

Developer Files - Types & Formats of file extensions

By: Jasmin Morel

If you develop software then you know all about developer files. There are a lot of fun things you can do with developer files. Some of the commonly used purposes of developer files include programming project files, source code files, code libraries, header files, and class files.

Other factors to this category of developer files include compiled objects and components. Popular file extensions are .ASPX, .PHTML, .JAVA, and .JSON.

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.java Java Language Source Code File
.aspx Active Server Page Extended Asp.net Script File
.axd Asp.net Web Handler File
.cs Visual C# Source Code File
.do Java Servlet File
.dsb Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Project File
.json JavaScript Object Notation File
.lua Lua Script File
.pl Perl Script File
.pod Perl POD File
.res C++ Complied Resource Script File
.s Source Code File
.sb Scratch Project File
.pro Qt Project File
.d D Source Code File
.h C/C++ Header File
.m Objective-C Implementation File
.md Markdown Documentation File
.mm Objective-C++ Source File
.mrc mIRC Script File
.pde Processing Development Environment Source Code
.r Rez Source Code File
.sln Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File
.vdm VDM Specification File
.xsd XML Schema Description File
.xul Firefox XML User Interface Language File
.ips IPIX IPScript File
.isu Installshield Uninstall Script File
.p Pascal Source Code File
.$01 MS-DOS Pipe File
.asc ActionScript Communication File
.aut AutoIt Script File
.bas Basic Source Code File
.c C/C++ Source Code File
.cgi Common Gateway Interface Script File
.class Java Bytecode Class File
.cod Compiled Source Code File
.con Concept Application Server Source Code File
.cpp C++ Main Source Code File Format
.def Module-Definition File
.dtd Document Type Definition File
.erb Ruby ERB Script File
.ex Euphoria Source Code File
.fla Editable Adobe Flash Movie File
.ftl Freemarker Template File
.groovy Groovy Source Code File
.hpp C++ Header File
.idl Interface Definition Language File
.iml Intellij Idea Module File
.inc INClude file (Assembler language or Active Server) File
.jsp Java Server Page File
.ocx Activex Control File
.py Python Script Language Source Code File
.rdf Resource Description Framework Rss Feed File
.sfx Self-extracting Compressed Archive File
.sh Bash Shell Script File
.sql Structured Query Language Data SQL File
.tcl Tcl Script Source Code File
.w Openedge Architect Source Code File
.wsdl Web Services Description Language File
.wsp SharePoint Solution Package File
.xsl XML Stylesheet File
.yaml YAML Document File
.yml YAML Document File
.alb Alpha Five Library File
.cml Chemical Markup Language Document File
.ctl Visual Basic UserControl Object File
.exp Symbols Export File
.jad Java Application Descriptor File
.pom Maven Build File
.pyc Compiled Python Script Source Code File
.rb Ruby Source Code
.sas SAS Program File
.scc SourceSafe Source Code Control File
.swc Flex Components Archive File
.trx Visual Studio Test Results File
.a Static Library File
.ascx Active Server Pages Web User Control File
.asm Assembly Language Source Code File
.au3 Autoit V3 Script File
.bcp Borland C++ Makefile
.cc C++ Language Source Code File
.config Configuration File
.dec Declaration File
.f Fortran Source Code File
.frx Visual Basic Binary Form File
.gem RubyGems Package File
.i Visual Studio Intermediate File
.kb Knowledge Pro Program Source File
.kix Kixtart Script File
.l Lex Source File
.lisp Lisp Translators File
.lsp Lisp Program Source Code File
.mcp Codewarrior Project File
.mf Java Manifest File
.mfl Mozilla Firefox Xul Fastload File
.mk Makefile File
.mpr FoxPro Generated Menu Program File
.ncb Visual C++ IntelliSense Database File
.nsi NSIS Script File
.pb Purebasic Source Code File
.pdm VB Project Information File
.ph Perl Header File
.phtml PHP Web Page File
.pri QT Project Include File
.rc Resource Script File
.ru Russian Text Or Localization File
.sbr Visual Studio Source Browser Intermediate File
.src Generally Source Code File
.ssi Adobe Dreamweaver Server Side Include File
.swd Settlers Ii Map File
.t Turing Source Code File
.ui User Interface File
.vbp Microsoft Visual Basic Project File
.vbw Visual Basic Workspace File
.vim Vim Script File
.wpw WinDev Mobile Window File
.xaml XAML File
.xslt Xsl Transform File
.y Yacc Source File
.asi Alpha Five Variable File
.bb Blitz Basic Source Code File
.btn AutoPlay Media Studio Button File
.cbp Code::blocks Project File
.cob COBOL Source Code File
.dpr Delphi Project File
.dsp Visual C++ 6 Project File
.for Fortran Source File
.fs Visual F# Source File
.idb Visual Studio Intermediate Debug File
.kpl Kids Programming Language Source Code File
.mer RSView Development Runtime File
.mss Microprocessor Software Specification File
.mv MivaScript File
.pas Pascal Source File
.pdl Perl Data Language File
.plc PL/B Source File
.pyd Python Dynamic Module File
.pyw Python Gui Source Script File
.rbx Ibm Rembo-c Compiled Script File
.rul InstallShield Rules File
.sc Supercollider Source Code File
.ss SilverStripe Source Code File
.sym Symbols File
.tk TK Script File
.tmpl BlueJ Default Template File
.uml UML Data Object Model File
.var Variable Data File
.vc Verge Code File
.vm Velocity Template File
.wdl World Definition Language Script File
.wxs Wix Source File

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