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Game Files (93 file types)

Game Files - Types & Formats of file extensions

By: Jasmin Morel

Everybody loves to play computer games. Since you’re an avid game player and have a technical mind, you may wonder how your games gets saved. Game files do it.

Game files also include games ROMS (software copies of games developed by other systems). Game files can be played by using a software emulator. The file extensions that you might come across are .NES (Nintendo file), .GAM (General saved game), .PSX (PlayStation) and .GCF (Steam). Other file extensions are many times related to a specific to a game.

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.bnk Test Drive Unlimited Game Data File
.smc Super Nintendo Game-Console Rom Image File
.nes Nintendo (NES) ROM File
.rep Grand Theft Auto Replay File
.b Grand Theft Auto III Save File
.ct Cheat Engine Cheat Table File
.bk Power Chess Opening Book File
.esp Fallout 3 Plugin File
.gb Game Boy ROM File
.gbc Game Boy Color ROM File
.ips IPIX IPScript File
.mpq Blizzard Entertainment Archive File
.puz Across Lite Crossword Puzzle File
.aud Westwood Studios Audio File
.bar Age Of Empires / Age Of Mythology Game File
.cht SNES Cheat File
.dem Video Game Demo File
.ff Call of Duty 4 Fast File
.gcm Gamecube Image File
.lang Minecraft Language File
.map Quake Engine Map File
.nds Nintendo Ds Game Rom Image File
.pk3 Quake 3 Engine Game Data File
.psv PlayStation 2 Save File
.wad Doom Wad File
.bsa Bethesda Softworks Archive File
.bsb Bioshock Saved Game File
.bsp Quake 2 Map File
.dl Zoo Tycoon 2 Data File
.inv INVedit File
.pbo Packed Bohemia Object File
.pcf Valve Particle System File
.rom N64 Game ROM File
.sav Saved Game File
.scn Age of Mythology Scenario File
.txd Renderware Texture Dictionary File
.v64 Nintendo 64 Emulation Rom Image File
.vpk Valve Pak File
.acf Steam Application Cache File
.bgl Flight Simulator Scenery File
.bif BioWare Infinity Engine File
.ctx Valve ICE Encoded Script
.dol Nintendo Gamecube Executable File
.far The Sims Archive File
.frc FS Recorder File
.gcf Steam Client Grid Cache File
.gen Sega Genesis ROM File
.ipg Ipod Game Package File
.iwd Call Of Duty Game Archive File
.per Age of Empires Personality File
.plr rFactor Player File
.pp Pocket Physics Saved Data File
.rez Lithtech Game Engine Resource File
.swd Settlers Ii Map File
.viv Need for Speed Car Data File
.vmf Valve Map File
.vol Video Game Archive File
.wal Quake 2 Texture Image Format
.zst Zsnes Save File
.ztd Zoo Tycoon Game File
.ain Source Engine Compiled AI Nodegraph File
.arp Audition Replay File
.bic Civilization 3 Scenario File
.cdp Trainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Pack File
.cfr Cross Fire Replay File
.cm CLEO Custom Mission File
.crs Stepmania Course File
.eng Chess Engine File
.ess The Elder Scrolls: Olbivion Saved Game File
.fpk Civilization 4 Data File
.fst Crazy Machines 2 Object File
.gam Saved Game File
.gba Game Boy Advance ROM File
.gbx Nadeo Game File
.gxt Grand Theft Auto 2 Game File
.ipl GTA Item Placement File
.isr GoMoku Game File
.itr Icy Tower Game File
.love Game Package File
.lvl Game Level File
.nav Id Tech 3 Bot Navigation File
.ovl Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Sprite File
.pcc Mass Effect Package File
.ps2 PCSX2 Memory Card File
.psx PlayStation Save File
.sfb Sony Playstation 3 Game Disc Description File
.sfc Super Nintendo ROM File
.sm Stepmania Song File
.svs Game Boy Advance Saved State File
.taf Adrift Text Adventure File
.vtf Valve Texture File
.wtd Grand Theft Auto Iv Textures File
.wx Flight Simulator Weather File

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