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Graphic Image Files (164 file types)

Graphic Image Files - Types & Formats of file extensions

By: Jasmin Morel

Did you ever blow up a picture file and see all the little colored pixels? This is a raster graphic. Web graphics and digital photos are stored as raster graphics.

Vector graphics are made up of paths representing lines and shapes instead of pixels. Vector graphics can be enlarged without losing their sharp quality.

You have a digital camera and it creates camera raw files. Many different camera raw files exist and you can only open them if your program supports both the file type and the specific camera model.
Popular graphic image extensions are .TIF, .PNG, .PSD and .JPG.

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.eps Encapsulated Postscript File
.png Portable Network Graphic File
.psd Adobe Photoshop Graphics File
.tif Tagged Image File
.ai Adobe Illustrator Graphics File
.bcf Business Card Designer Pro File
.cdg Compact Disc Plus Picture Image File
.cr2 Canon Raw Image File
.djvu Djvu Image File
.emz Microsoft Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile
.jp2 JPEG 2000 Core Image File
.nef Nikon Digital SLR Camera Raw Image File
.std Apache OpenOffice Drawing Template File
.svg Scalable Vector Graphics File
.tiff Tagged Image File Format
.vsd Visio Drawing File
.xcf Gimp XCF Bitmap Image File
.abm Photo Album File
.mix Microsoft Image Exchange File
.zdl Designpro Label Design File
.ani Animated Cursor File
.bmp Bitmap Image File
.cdr CorelDRAW Image File
.cur Windows Cursor File
.dng Adobe Digital Negative File
.gif Graphics Interchange File Format
.ico Icon File
.jpf JPEG 2000 Image File
.mdi Microsoft Office Document Imaging File Format
.p65 Adobe Pagemaker Document File
.pat Pattern File
.ps Adobe Postscript File
.qxd Quarkxpress Document File
.thm Thumbnail Image File
.wb1 Webshots Picture File
.albm Photo Album File
.hus Husqvarna Embroidery File
.jef Janome Embroidery Layout File
.pd Flexisign 5 Plotter Document File
.ptn Paperport Thumbnail Images File
.abr Adobe Photoshop Brush File
.apm Aldus Placeable Metafile
.cgm Computer Graphics Metafile
.cpt Corel Photo-paint Bitmap File
.dcm DICOM Image File
.dcr Kodak RAW Image File
.dds Directdraw Surface File
.dicom Medicine Image File Format
.drw Drawing File
.emf Enhanced Windows Metafile Picture File
.fax Fax Document File
.fig XFIG Drawing File
.hdr High Dynamic Range Image File
.icon Icon Image File
.iff Autodesk Maya Image Interchange File
.int SGI Integer Image File
.jpeg JPEG Image File
.jpg JPEG Image File
.jps Stereospic JPEG Format
.jpx JPEG 2000 Image File
.jwl Roxio Jewel Case File
.mac MacPaint Image File
.msv Mystars! Saved View File
.ncd Nero Coverdesigner Image Format File
.nrw Nikon Raw Image File
.odg Opendocument Drawing File
.orf Olympus Digital Camera Raw Image File
.pcd Kodak Photo CD Image File
.pcx Paintbrush Bitmap Image File
.pdd Adobe Photodeluxe Document File
.pgm Portable Graymap File Format File
.plt AutoCAD Plotter Document File
.ppm Portable Pixmap Image File
.psb Photoshop Large Document Format File
.psp Paint Shop Pro Image File
.raw Raw Image Data File
.sdt Smartdraw Template File
.sfw Seattle FilmWorks Image File
.sid MrSID Image File
.srf Sony RAW Image File
.tbn XBMC Folder Thumbnail File
.tga Targa Graphic File
.web Xara Web Document File
.wmf Windows Metafile
.isf Inspiration Diagram File
.mif Mapinfo Interchange Format File
.pdn Paint.net Image File
.rdl MicroStation Redline File
.sdr Smartdraw Drawing File
.skf Autodesk Autosketch Thumbnail File
.spp Serif PhotoPlus Picture File
.adc Scanstudio 16 Colours Bitmap Graphics File
.art AOL Compressed Image File
.awd Microsoft Fax Document File
.cit Intergraph Scanned Image File
.cnv Canvas 6-8 Drawing File
.cor CorelDRAW Drawing File
.crw Canon Digital Camera Raw Image Format
.cvs Canvas 3 Drawing File
.dpx Digital Picture Exchange File
.ecw Enhanced Compressed Wavelet Image Format
.fh10 Adobe Freehand 10 Drawing File
.fpx Kodak Flashpix Bitmap Image File
.hpg HPGL Plot File
.hpi Hemera Photo Image Format
.icl Icon Library File
.icn Windows Icon File
.itc2 Apple Itunes Cover Flow Data File
.jbf Corel Paintshop Photo Pro Image Browser File
.jif Jpeg Interchange Format File
.jtf Jpeg Tagged Interchange Format Image
.jxr Jpeg XR Image File
.mef Mamiya RAW Image File
.mng Multiple Network Graphics File
.pbm Portable Bitmap File
.pct Picture File
.pef Pentax Electronic File
.pic Generic Picture File
.pict Picture File
.pnm Portable Anymap Bitmap Graphic File
.pwp Seattle Filmworks / Photoworks Image File
.pza Mgi Photosuite Album File
.qxp Quarkxpress Project File
.ras Sun Raster Graphic File
.rgb RGB Bitmap File
.rif Resource Interchange File Format
.riff Painter Raster Image File
.sep Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) Bitmap Image
.sgi Silicon Graphics Rgb Bitmap Image File
.spr Half-Life Sprite File
.svgz Compressed SVG File
.vbr Gimp Parametric Brush File
.vic VICAR Image File
.vml Vector Markup Language File
.vss Visio Stencil File
.wal Quake 2 Texture Image Format
.wbc Webshots Collection Image Format
.wbz Webshots Download Picture File
.wmp Microsoft Windows Media Hd Photo File
.wpg Corel Wordperfect Graphic File
.xwd X Window Window Screen Dump Or Bitmap File
.2d Versacad 2d Drawing File
.aam Adobe Authorware Shocked File
.apx Ability Photopaint Image File
.bmf Binary Material File
.brt Bryce Textures File
.cdd ConceptDraw PRO Document File
.cph Corel Print House Printing Project File
.cps Corel Photo House Image File
.dia Dia Diagram File
.dpp Serif Drawplus Drawing File
.ep Pencil Project Document File
.igx iGrafx Document File
.pe4 Photo Explorer Thumbnail Archive File
.pes Brother Embroidery File Format
.pgf Progressive Graphics File
.pov POV-Ray Raytracing Format File
.px Pixel Image File
.pzp PhotoSuite Project File
.rpf Rich Pixel Format File
.spa MikuMikuDance Sphere Mapping File
.sup Subtitle Bitmap File
.tlc The Logo Creator File
.ufo Ulead Photoimpact Object File

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