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Internet Files (60 file types)

Internet Files - Types & Formats of file extensions

By: Jasmin Morel

Everybody has seen and has heard of an .HTML file. It’s the stuff that web pages are made of. Files connected with websites and web servers are known as web files and web files include both static and dynamic web pages as well as web applications and files attributed to web pages.

All the files that are created by web development software are also covered by the web files category. Popular internet file extensions are .HTM, .JSON, .PHP, and .ASPX.

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.php PHP Source Code File
.xps XML Paper Specification File
.aspx Active Server Page Extended Asp.net Script File
.axd Asp.net Web Handler File
.chm Microsoft Compiled HTML Help File
.do Java Servlet File
.jhtml ATG Dynamo Server Page (Java HTML)
.jnlp Java Web Start File
.json JavaScript Object Notation File
.mht Mime HTML (MHTML) File
.gg Google Desktop Gadget File
.gsp IMail Error Message File
.adr Opera Bookmarks File
.css Cascading Style Sheets File
.mvc MivaScript Compiled File
.pac Proxy Auto-Config File
.url Internet Shortcut
.xul Firefox XML User Interface Language File
._eml Windows Mail Live Email File
.!bt Incomplete Bittorrent Download File
.asp Active Server Page Script Page File
.att Web Form Post Data File
.cer Internet Security Certificate File
.cfm Adobe Coldfusion Template File
.con Concept Application Server Source Code File
.htc HTML Component File
.htm HTML Hypertext Markup Language Web Page File
.html HTML Hypertext Markup Language Web Page File
.js JavaScript File
.jsf Java Script Command File
.jsp Java Server Page File
.mhtml Mime MHTML File
.nzb Newzbin Download Pointer File
.rss Rich Site Summary File
.vbd Microsoft Visual Basic Activex Document File
.web Xara Web Document File
.wsdl Web Services Description Language File
.xfdl XFDL File
.aex Alpha Five Compiled Global Functions File
.pem Privacy Enhanced Mail Security Certificate File
.wrf Webex Recording File
.xbel Bookmark Exchange Language File
.alx ActiveX Layout Control File
.ap Active Page File
.ascx Active Server Pages Web User Control File
.asr ActionScript Remote Document File
.dap Access Data Access Page File
.dml DynaScript File
.dwt Dreamweaver Web Page Template File
.email Outlook Express Email Message File
.mai Microsoft Mail Message File
.phtml PHP Web Page File
.shtml HTML Server Side Include File
.wgt Opera Widget File
.wml Wireless Markup Language Document (wap) File
.xhtml Extensible HTML File
.crl Certificate Revocation List File
.pando Pando Package File
.pfc Aol Personal Filling Cabinet File
.qbo Quickbooks Online Bank Statement File

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