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Miscellaneous File Extensions (151 file types)

Miscellaneous File Extensions - Types & Formats of file extensions

By: Jasmin Morel

Like an old-time carnival computer systems also have oddities. Those oddities are miscellaneous files that do not fit into any other category. This is where the Misc files category comes in. It helps gives these files a home of their own.

Examples of miscellaneous files include partially downloaded files, installer files, and renamed files. The miscellaneous category may also include files related to other hardware devices on your computer. Popular file extensions are .CACHE, .MSU, .TMP and .DIC.

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.sfv Simple File Verification Checksum File
.hex Hexadecimal Source File
.ics iCalendar File
.mrk DPOF Auto Print Order File
.rnd PGP Random Seed File
.smc Super Nintendo Game-Console Rom Image File
.$$$ Temporary File
.$db dBASE IV Temporary File
.gg Google Desktop Gadget File
.id IBM Lotus Notes ID File
.lck Program Lock File
.xnk Microsoft Exchange Shortcut File
.xxx Compucon/singer Psw Embroidery Design File
.!ut Utorrent Incomplete Download File
.bc! BitComet Incomplete File
.bqy Brioquery Database File
.cvr Microsoft Crash Report File
.cxf Picasa Collage File
.gp4 Guitar Pro 4 Tablature File
.idx Movie Subtitle File
.ind Memory Stick Formatting File
.ost Microsoft Outlook Inbox Off-line Folder File
.req SSL Certificate Request File
.tmp Temporary File
.tpl Document Template File
.vmg Nokia Saved Text Message File
._eml Windows Mail Live Email File
.acl AutoCorrect List File
.bpl AutoCAD Batch Plot File
.eas Rslogix Symbol File
.fw Firmware Update File
.mcf MasterCook 2 Cookbook File
.msi Microsoft Windows Installer Installation Pack File
.njb Nikon Digital SLR Camera Image Index File
.nth Nokia Series 40 And 60 Theme File
.tag Dataflex Query Tag Name File
.upg Firmware Upgrade File
.vir Virus Infected File
.!bt Incomplete Bittorrent Download File
.abr Adobe Photoshop Brush File
.chk Saved File Fragment File
.clb Com+ Catalog File
.cls LaTeX Document Class File
.crc Total Commander CRC File
.csh Photoshop Custom Shapes File
.ctf AVG Update Control File
.dbx Outlook Express E-mail Folder
.dct Dictionary File
.ipsw iPod and iPhone Software Update File
.lock Lock File
.md5 Checksum File
.mso Inline E-mail Attachment File
.nds Nintendo Ds Game Rom Image File
.net Netviz Project File
.pgp PGP Security Key File
.shs Microsoft Windows 95/98 Clipboard File
.sis Symbian Installation File
.sum Garmin Checksum File
.tlb OLE Type Library File
.xmp Extensible Metadata Platform File
.acs Agent Character File
.bt! Bitspirit Incomplete Download File
.ctg Canon Digital Camera Catalog File
.d64 Commodore Emulator File
.dtf Domino Temporary File
.dwl TurboCAD Drawing Lock File
.gpg Gnu Privacy Guard Public Keyring File
.jad Java Application Descriptor File
.lid Kodak Easyshare Album File
.msf Mail Summary File
.mtd Musicnotes Digital Music Sheet File
.p7m Digitally Encrypted Message File
.pa Print Artist Project File
.pad ACT! Database Pointer File
.pgi Video Recording File
.rem Blackberry Encrypted Data File
.slf Symantec License File
.temp Temporary File
.tmb Timbuktu Pro Connection Document File
.v64 Nintendo 64 Emulation Rom Image File
.vfs Virtual File System Index File
.bdm Pro/engineer Temporary File
.bst BibTeX Style Document File
.cas Autodesk Cascade License File
.crd Windows CardSpace File
.ddat Divx Web Player Temporary Download File
.dic Dictionary File
.dsc Nikon Disk Identification File
.email Outlook Express Email Message File
.etf Enigma Transportable File
.exd Control Information Cache File
.ical iCalendar File
.kb Knowledge Pro Program Source File
.lrc Lyrics File
.mad Microsoft Access Module Shortcut File
.mar Mozilla Archive File
.mdw Microsoft Access Workgroup Information File
.msu Microsoft Update Standalone Package File
.olb OLE Object Library File
.rtc Live Meeting Connection File
.rwz Outlook Rules Wizard File
.sec PGP Secret Key Ring File
.sf Minecraft JAR Signature File
.sha1 Sha-1 Hash Text File
.swp Vi Swap File
.tnef Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
.ver Version Description File
.wsz Winamp Skin Zip File
.!qb Qbittorrent Incomplete Download File
.4dv 4d View Ultrasound File
.ad After Dark Screen Saver File
.adz Amiga Emulator Compressed ADF File
.amx Adobe Motion Exchange File
.apf Adobe Profile File
.arr Advanced Rar Password Recovery Project File
.bim Bytessence Installmaker Project File
.bnd DB2 CLI Bind File
.cache Generally Cache File
.cch .NET Security Resolution Cache File
.chw Microsoft Help HTML Help General Index File
.cl Cursor Library File
.ext Generic Email Attachment File
.g BRL-CAD Geometry File
.kwm WM Keeper Classic Key File
.lay DVD Studio Pro Layout File
.ldb Microsoft Access Record-locking Information File
.lic License File
.lyr Arcview Layer File
.mwp Lotus Word Pro 97 Smartmaster File
.nup Eset Nod32 Antivirus Update File
.p2p Microsoft Foldershare File
.pando Pando Package File
.pes Brother Embroidery File Format
.phb Motorola Phone Book File
.pnf Precompiled INF File
.psi PrimalScript Online Help Shortcut File
.qdat Quicktime Installer Cache File
.rwg Random Word Generator File Format
.sbc Office Accounting Company Shortcut File
.sft Microsoft App-V Sequencer File
.tbs TuneUp Utilities Boot Screen File
.td Thunder Incomplete Download File
.toc Eudora Table of Contents File
.tpf Transit Nxt Pack Translation File
.tpm Trusted Platform Module Password File
.trace VMware ThinApp Trace Log File
.ttx Trados Tageditor Tradostag XML File
.unk Uvprobe File
.unl Garmin Mapsource Unlock File
.wba Windowblinds Desktop Visual Style File
.wcp Windvd Creator Project File

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