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Multimedia Files (205 file types)

Multimedia Files - Types & Formats of file extensions

By: Jasmin Morel

The Multimedia Files category includes various files that can be opened with multimedia software. Multimedia includes any files that consist of Audio, Image, Video, or Other interactive content. Popular multimedia file extensions are .AVI, .PNG, and .MP3.

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.flv Flash Video File
.mkv Matroska Video-audio Multimedia File
.mts AVCHD Video File
.srt Subrip Video Subtitle Format
.swf Shockwave Flash Movie
.vob DVD Video Object File
.3gp Multimedia Files For Wireless Networks
.amr Adaptive Multi-rate Compressed Audio File
.avi Audio Video Interleave Movie File
.flac Free Lossless Audio Codec File
.m3u MP3 Songs Playlist File
.mov Apple Quicktime Digital Movie File
.mp3 MP3 Audio File
.mpl Avchd Playlist File
.ogv Ogg Vorbis Video File
.ptm PolyTracker Module
.voc Creative Labs Sound File
.wp3 Microsoft Photo Story Project File
.xspf XML Shareable Playlist Format
.dss Digital Speech Standard File
.dxr Protected Macromedia Director Movie File
.aax Audible Enhanced Audio File
.abc ABC Music Notation File
.aep After Effects Project File
.bik Bink Video File
.cda CD Audio Track File
.cpi AVCHD Video Clip Information File
.ifo DVD Movie Information File Format
.m4a MPEG-4 Compressed Audio File
.m4v MPEG-4 Video File Format
.mp4 MPEG-4 Video File Format
.mxf Material Exchange Format File
.ogg Ogg Vorbis Audio File
.qtl QuickTime Link File
.rec Topfield PVR Recording File
.ts Video Transport Stream File
.wav WAVE Audio File
.wmv Windows Media Video File
.wpl Windows Media Player Playlist File
.acd ACID Project File
.arf Webex Advanced Recording File
.ftm FamiTracker Module File
.3gpp 3GPP Media File
.aac Advanced Audio Coding File
.aaf Advanced Authoring Format Multimedia File
.ac3 Audio Codec 3 File
.act Adpcm Compressed Audio File
.aif Audio Interchange File Format Sound File
.aiff Audio Interchange File Format
.ape Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio File
.asf Advanced Systems (streaming) Format
.asx Microsoft ASF Redirector File
.aud Westwood Studios Audio File
.aup Audacity Project File
.avchd High Definition Video File
.bdmv Blu-ray Information File
.divx DivX-Encoded Movie File
.dv Digital Video File
.dvf Sony DV Voice File
.dvr Microsoft Recorded TV Show File
.fla Editable Adobe Flash Movie File
.flp FruityLoops Project File
.gsm Global System for Mobile Audio File
.iff Autodesk Maya Image Interchange File
.kar Karaoke MIDI File
.m2p MPEG-2 Program Stream File
.m2ts Blu-ray BDAV Video File
.m4p Apple Itunes Music Store Audio File
.mid MIDI File
.mod Amiga Music Module File
.mpc Musepack Audio File
.mpeg MPEG Movie File
.mpg MPEG 1 Video File Format File
.mpls Blu-ray Movie Playlist Information File
.msv Mystars! Saved View File
.mus Finale Notation File
.nra Nero Audio-cd Compilation File
.odm Overdrive Media Console Media Control File
.ogm Ogg Vorbis Media File
.pcm Pulse Code Modulation File
.pds PowerDirector Script File
.pk Audition Peak File
.pls Audio Playlist File
.qt Apple Quicktime Movie Clip File
.ram Real Audio Metafile
.rbs Rebirth Song File
.rm Realmedia File
.rmvb Realmedia Variable Bitrate File
.sds MIDI Sample Dump Standard File
.seq PowerTracks Pro Audio Project File
.ses Adobe Audition Session File
.shn Shorten Compressed Audio File
.smi SMIL Presentation File
.smil SMIL Presentation File
.spx Ogg Vorbis Speex File
.tp Beyond TV Transport Stream File
.vlc VLC Playlist File
.vsp VideoStudio Project File
.webm Matroska Webm Video File
.wma Windows Media Audio File
.wv Wavpack Lossless Compressed Audio File
.264 H.264/MPEG-4 Avc Video File
.dcf Drm Content Format Delivery File
.gp3 Guitar Pro 3 Project File
.moi MOI Video File
.mswmm Microsoft Windows Movie Maker Project File
.mtd Musicnotes Digital Music Sheet File
.nvc NeroVision Express Project File
.nwc Noteworthy Composer Song File
.pc Personal Composer Musical Notation File
.pgi Video Recording File
.qcp PureVoice Audio File
.sf2 Creative Labs Soundfont 2.0 Bank File
.sng MIDI Song File
.stx Pinnacle Studio Project File
.video Atube Catcher Video File
.vpl Karaoke Player Playlist File
.wrf Webex Recording File
.zpl Zune Playlist File
.3g2 3gpp2 Multimedia File
.aa Audible Audio Book File
.acm Interplay Audio File
.aifc Compressed Audio Interchange File
.apl Monkey's Audio Track Info File
.bdm Pro/engineer Temporary File
.bmk Powerdvd Moviemark Bookmark File
.clpi Blu-ray Clip Av Stream File
.cpr Cubase Project File
.ddat Divx Web Player Temporary Download File
.dmf Delusion Digital Music File
.f4v Adobe Flash Mp4 File
.flc FLIC Animation File
.fli Autodesk Animator Flic Animation Old Format
.gts Captiveworks Pvr Video Recording Format
.h264 H.264 Video File
.imf Id Music File
.it Impulse Tracker Music Module File
.ivr Internet Video Recording File
.kmp Korg Trinity Audio File
.m4b MPEG-4 Audio Layer Audio Book File
.m4r Apple Iphone Ringtone Format
.mbr Zune Smooth Streaming File
.mpeg4 MPEG-4 Video File
.mtv Mtv Video Format
.mvb Multimedia Viewer Book File
.mxl Compressed Musicxml Music Notation File
.nst NoiseTracker Module File
.oma Sony Openmg Music Format File
.ptx Pro Tools 10 Session File
.ra Realaudio Audio File
.rmi RMID MIDI File
.rms Secure Real Media File
.rng Nokia Composer Ringtone File
.scm ScreenCam Screen Recording File
.smf Standard MIDI File
.smp SmartMusic Performance File
.tak Tom's Lossless Audio Kompressor File
.tod JVC Everio Video Capture File
.trp MPEG-2 Hd Video File
.tta True Audio File
.vid Generic Video File
.vox Dialogic Voice Audio File
.vp6 Vp6 Encoded Video File
.vro Video Recordable File
.wax Windows Media Audio Redirector File
.wpk Nero Wave Editor File
.wrk Cakewalk Music Project File
.wve WaveEditor Project File
.xvid Xvid-Encoded Video File
.ajp CCTV Video File
.all Cubasis Project File
.als Ableton Live Set File
.amv Amv Video File Format
.amx Adobe Motion Exchange File
.amz Amazon Mp3 Downloader File
.avb Avid Bin File
.avd Magix Movie Edit Pro Video Data File
.bun Cakewalk Bundle File
.dir Adobe Director Movie File
.emp eMusic Music Download File
.emx Emusic Download File
.ezp Edius Project File
.fcp Final Cut Project File
.fev FMOD Audio Events File
.gig Gigasampler/gigastudio Audio File
.gpk WaveLab Audio Peak File
.imp Audition Impulse File
.lvp Avaya Voice Player Compressed Voice Audio File
.mtp Minitab Portable Worksheet File
.omf Open Media Framework File
.ove Overture Music Score File
.psh Photodex Slide Show File
.pts Pro Tools Session File
.rfl Reason ReFill Sound Bank File
.sdat Nintendo Ds Sound Data File
.sfl Sound Forge Sound Data File
.sm Stepmania Song File
.smk Smacker Compressed Movie File
.svd Roland Patch File
.swi SWiSH Project File
.syn SimSynth Document File
.vdj Virtualdj Audio Sample File
.vrf Ventrilo Audio Recording File
.wcp Windvd Creator Project File
.wow Grave Composer Module File

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