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System Files (55 file types)

System Files - Types & Formats of file extensions

By: Jasmin Morel

Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems all have system files such as dynamic link libraries. Other examples of system files comprise icons, themes (a combination of background pictures, colors, and sounds), and device drivers (a computer program that controls a device attached to the computer).

File outputs by the system are also added to this category. Popular system file extensions are .DLL, .CPL, .SYS, and .DRV.

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.cpl Microsoft Windows Control Panel File
.drv Microsoft Windows Device Driver File
.lnk Windows Shortcut File
.man Unix Manual
.sqm Service Quality Monitoring File
.adm Administrative Template File
.ani Animated Cursor File
.cur Windows Cursor File
.ico Icon File
.sys Windows System File
.blf CLFS Base Log File
.dmp Windows Memory Dump File
.mdmp Microsoft Windows Minidump File
.cab Windows Cabinet Compressed Archive File
.clb Com+ Catalog File
.dll Dynamic Link Library File
.msc Microsoft Management Console Control File
.msp Windows Installer Patch File
.nls Microsoft National Language Support File
.ppd PostScript Printer Description File
.sbf Android System File
.scr Windows Screensaver File
.shs Microsoft Windows 95/98 Clipboard File
.sif Microsoft Windows NT Setup Installation File
.spl Windows Print Spool File
.tlb OLE Type Library File
.vxd Microsoft Windows Virtual Device Driver File
.efi Extensible Firmware Interface Firmware File
.etl Microsoft Event Trace Log File
.evt Windows Event Viewer Log File
.fts Microsoft Windows Help Full Text Search
.nt Windows NT Startup File
.reg Registry File
.vfs Virtual File System Index File
.wer Windows Error Report File
.aos ARCHOS PCtablet Firmware File
.grl Microsoft Windows Update Status File
.icl Icon Library File
.kbd Keyboard Layout Script File
.pdr Windows Port Driver File
.shd Microsoft Windows Shadow Spooler File
.ann Microsoft Windows Help Annotation File
.cat Windows Catalog File
.cnt Help Contents File
.dev Windows Device Driver File
.gid Microsoft Windows Help General Index File
.gwp Greetings Workshop File
.hlp Windows Help File
.htt Microsoft Hypertext Template File
.job Windows Task Scheduler Job File
.lpd Lookout Protocol Driver File
.pck System Center Configuration Manager Package File
.pnf Precompiled INF File
.scf Windows Explorer Shell Command File
.sgn Slax Boot File

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