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Text Files (87 file types)

Text Files - Types & Formats of file extensions

By: Jasmin Morel

Text files contain text data that can be saved in either a plain text format or a rich text format. If you’re using Windows and create a Word document it is saved as a .DOCX file (rich text format). There are other ways to create text files. Sometimes you just make a not on Wordpad and when you save the document it becomes a .TXT file (plain text format).

Popular text file extensions are .TXT, .DOCX, .XML, and .SRT.

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.eml Email Message File
.srt Subrip Video Subtitle Format
.wps Microsoft Works Document File
.xml XML Document File
.diz Description In Zip File
.man Unix Manual
.odt Odf Text Document File
.rtf Rich Text Format Document File
.sxw Openoffice.org Writer Document File
.text Plain Text File
.lwp Lotus Word Pro Document File
.bib BibTeX Bibliography Database File
.docm Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document File
.docx Microsoft Word Open XML Document File
.err Error Log File
.lis SQR Output File
.me Readme Text File
.nfo Warez Information File
.sms Exported SMS Text Message File
.vmg Nokia Saved Text Message File
.wpd WordPerfect Document File
.hbk Mathcad Handbook File
.$01 MS-DOS Pipe File
.ascii Ascii Text Characters File
.doc Microsoft Word Document File
.dotm Word Open XML Macro-enabled Document Template File
.hwp Hanword Document File
.log Log File
.lst Data List File
.ltr Letter File
.mbox Mail Mailbox File
.msg Saved Email Message
.rst Restructuredtext File
.sam Ami Pro Document File
.sdw StarOffice Writer Text Document File
.sub Subtitle File
.tex LaTeX Source Document File
.txt Simple Text File
.vnt Mobile Phone vNote File
.wri Windows Write Document File
.yml YAML Document File
.dwl TurboCAD Drawing Lock File
.pwd Pocket Word Document File
.ris Research Information Systems Citation File
.sgm SGML File
.sig Signature File
.sty LaTeX Style File
.tmd Textmaker Document File
.wpt WordPerfect Template File
.wrl VRML Worlds File
.1st Visual Foxpro Documenting Wizard List File
.ans ANSI Text File
.dotx Word Open XML Document Template File
.dvi Tex Text Document (tex Device Independent File)
.etf Enigma Transportable File
.fdf Acrobat Forms Data Format
.fdr Final Draft Document File
.gsd General Station Description File
.hht Microsoft Help And Support Center HHT File
.lrc Lyrics File
.mnt FoxPro Menu Memo File
.psw Pocket Word Document File
.pwi Pocket Word Document File
.rtx Rich Text Document File
.ru Russian Text Or Localization File
.sha1 Sha-1 Hash Text File
.ssa Sub Station Alpha Subtitle File
.stw StarOffice Document Template File
.tnef Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
.upd Program Update Information File
.ver Version Description File
.wp Wordperfect Document File
.wp5 Wordperfect 5 Document File
.abw Abiword Document File
.brf Braille File
.dwd DavkaWriter File
.dx DEC WPS Plus File
.gpd Generic Printer Description File
.lyx LYX Document File
.mwp Lotus Word Pro 97 Smartmaster File
.pfs PhotoFiltre Studio Saved Selection File
.sdm Staroffice Mail File
.sfb Sony Playstation 3 Game Disc Description File
.sla Scribus Document File
.tdf Guide Text Definition File
.tmx Translation Memory Exchange File
.wsd Wintab602 Document File

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