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.BSP File Extension

What are bsp files & how to open them - Quake 2 Map File

  • File category: Game Files
  • Developer: id Software
By: Jasmin Morel Are you trying to open a bsp file? Find here the right software which will enable you to view, open or edit Quake 2 Map File type.

BSP is an abbreviation of Binary Space Partitioning. A BSP file is a map file that uses the Quake engine.
Many games have borrowed for the Quake engine, including the massively popular Half-life and Portal games.

bsp file - Software that can open bsp files Windows Logo

Select a software from the list below if you want to open, edit, create, convert, play, use or view bsp file. The software are listed by popularity and relevance to bsp file type
  • Irrlicht
  • id Software GtkRadiant
  • id Software ZeroRadiant
  • Nem's Tools BSP Viewer
  • GCFScape
  • Q3Map2
  • QuArK
  • BSP
  • EntSpy
  • Vmex

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