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I (67 file types)

File extensions that start with the letter I

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.i Visual Studio Intermediate File
.iaf Outlook Internet Account File
.ica Citrix ICA File
.ical iCalendar File
.icc ICC Profile
.icd Installable Client Driver File
.icl Icon Library File
.icm Windows Image Color Matching File
.icn Windows Icon File
.ico Icon File
.icon Icon Image File
.ics iCalendar File
.id IBM Lotus Notes ID File
.id2 Microsoft Live Messenger Avatar File
.idb Visual Studio Intermediate Debug File
.ide Inventor iFeature File
.idf Inspiredata File
.idl Interface Definition Language File
.idw Autodesk Inventor Drawing File
.idx Movie Subtitle File
.ies Iesna Photometric Data File
.iff Autodesk Maya Image Interchange File
.ifo DVD Movie Information File Format
.ifs InfoSlips Package File
.iges IGES File
.igs IGES Drawing File
.igx iGrafx Document File
.iif Quickbooks Interchange Format File
.ima Sage ACT! Email Message File
.imd GIS Image Metadata File
.imf Id Music File
.img Macintosh Disk Image
.iml Intellij Idea Module File
.imp Audition Impulse File
.imz Winimage Compressed File
.inc INClude file (Assembler language or Active Server) File
.ind Memory Stick Formatting File
.indd Adobe Indesign Document File
.inf Setup Information File
.ini Windows Initialization File
.ink Mimio Ink Data File
.inp Abaqus Input File
.ins Internet Settings File
.int SGI Integer Image File
.inv INVedit File
.inx Adobe Indesign Interchange File Format
.ipa Iphone Application File
.ipd BlackBerry Backup File
.ipg Ipod Game Package File
.ipj Autodesk Inventor Project File
.ipl GTA Item Placement File
.ips IPIX IPScript File
.ipsw iPod and iPhone Software Update File
.isd Flexera InstallShield Dialog Box File
.isf Inspiration Diagram File
.iso Disc Image File
.isr GoMoku Game File
.iss Installshield Silent Response File
.isu Installshield Uninstall Script File
.isz Ultraiso Compressed Disk Image File
.it Impulse Tracker Music Module File
.itc2 Apple Itunes Cover Flow Data File
.itdb Apple Itunes Database File
.itl iTunes Library File
.itr Icy Tower Game File
.ivr Internet Video Recording File
.iwd Call Of Duty Game Archive File