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M (126 file types)

File extensions that start with the letter M

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.m Objective-C Implementation File
.m2p MPEG-2 Program Stream File
.m2ts Blu-ray BDAV Video File
.m3d 3D Model File
.m3u MP3 Songs Playlist File
.m4a MPEG-4 Compressed Audio File
.m4b MPEG-4 Audio Layer Audio Book File
.m4p Apple Itunes Music Store Audio File
.m4r Apple Iphone Ringtone Format
.m4v MPEG-4 Video File Format
.mac MacPaint Image File
.mad Microsoft Access Module Shortcut File
.mai Microsoft Mail Message File
.man Unix Manual
.map Quake Engine Map File
.mar Mozilla Archive File
.mat MATLAB MAT-File
.max 3ds Max Scene File
.mb Maya Binary Project File
.mbf Microsoft Money Backup File
.mbk dBASE IV Multiple Index File Backup File
.mbox Mail Mailbox File
.mbp Mobipocket Notes File
.mbr Zune Smooth Streaming File
.mbx Outlook Express Mailbox File
.mcd Mathcad Document File
.mcf MasterCook 2 Cookbook File
.mcp Codewarrior Project File
.mcw Monitor Calibration Wizard File
.mcx MICRO CADAM-X/6000 Model Data File
.md Markdown Documentation File
.md5 Checksum File
.mdb Microsoft Access Database File
.mde Compiled Access Add-in File
.mdf Media Disc Image File
.mdi Microsoft Office Document Imaging File Format
.mdl MathWorks Simulink Model File
.mdm Hlm Multivariate Data Matrix File
.mdmp Microsoft Windows Minidump File
.mds Media Descriptor File
.mdw Microsoft Access Workgroup Information File
.mdx Extended Media Descriptor File
.me Readme Text File
.mef Mamiya RAW Image File
.mem FoxPro Variable File
.menc Microsoft Windows Mobile Encrypted File
.mer RSView Development Runtime File
.met eMule Resource File
.mex Macro Express File
.mf Java Manifest File
.mfl Mozilla Firefox Xul Fastload File
.mgf Micrografx Font File
.mhp Maths Helper Plus File
.mht Mime HTML (MHTML) File
.mhtml Mime MHTML File
.mid MIDI File
.mif Mapinfo Interchange Format File
.mim Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions File
.mix Microsoft Image Exchange File
.mk Makefile File
.mkv Matroska Video-audio Multimedia File
.mlb MyLabel Designer Deluxe Project File
.mm Objective-C++ Source File
.mmap Mindmanager Map File
.mmc Microsoft Media Catalog File
.mmf Meal-Master Recipe File
.mml FrameMaker Maker Markup Language File
.mmp Symbian Project Specification File
.mng Multiple Network Graphics File
.mnt FoxPro Menu Memo File
.mnu AutoCAD Interface Layout File
.mny Microsoft Money Data File
.mobi Mobipocket eBook Format
.mod Amiga Music Module File
.moi MOI Video File
.mol Mdl Molfile Molecule File
.mov Apple Quicktime Digital Movie File
.mp3 MP3 Audio File
.mp4 MPEG-4 Video File Format
.mpb Myphoneexplorer Backup File
.mpc Musepack Audio File
.mpeg MPEG Movie File
.mpeg4 MPEG-4 Video File
.mpg MPEG 1 Video File Format File
.mpl Avchd Playlist File
.mpls Blu-ray Movie Playlist Information File
.mpp Microsoft Project Plan File
.mpq Blizzard Entertainment Archive File
.mpr FoxPro Generated Menu Program File
.mpt Microsoft Project Template Tile File
.mpx Microsoft Project Export File
.mrc mIRC Script File
.mrk DPOF Auto Print Order File
.msc Microsoft Management Console Control File
.msd Map Service Definition File
.msf Mail Summary File
.msg Saved Email Message
.msi Microsoft Windows Installer Installation Pack File
.msm Windows Installer Merge Module File
.mso Inline E-mail Attachment File
.msp Windows Installer Patch File
.mss Microprocessor Software Specification File
.mst Windows Installer Transform Script File
.msu Microsoft Update Standalone Package File
.msv Mystars! Saved View File
.mswmm Microsoft Windows Movie Maker Project File
.mtd Musicnotes Digital Music Sheet File
.mth Derive Math File
.mtp Minitab Portable Worksheet File
.mts AVCHD Video File
.mtv Mtv Video Format
.mtw Trados Multiterm Termbase File
.mtx MadTracker 2 Extension File
.mu Kerbal Space Program Mesh File
.mus Finale Notation File
.mv MivaScript File
.mvb Multimedia Viewer Book File
.mvc MivaScript Compiled File
.mvs Microchip Verification Specification File
.mwf MapGuide Author Map Window File
.mwp Lotus Word Pro 97 Smartmaster File
.mxd Arcgis Map Document File
.mxf Material Exchange Format File
.mxl Compressed Musicxml Music Notation File
.mxm Maxwell Material File
.mxp Adobe (macromedia) Extension Package File