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R (68 file types)

File extensions that start with the letter R

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.r Rez Source Code File
.r00 WinRAR Compressed Archive File
.r30 WinRAR Split Archive Part 30 File
.ra Realaudio Audio File
.ram Real Audio Metafile
.rar WinRAR RAR Compressed Archive File
.ras Sun Raster Graphic File
.raw Raw Image Data File
.rb Ruby Source Code
.rbf Windows Installer Rollback File
.rbs Rebirth Song File
.rbx Ibm Rembo-c Compiled Script File
.rc Resource Script File
.rcf SonicWALL VPN Configuration File
.rcs RandomControl Scene File
.rdb N64 ROM Database File
.rdc IDRISI Raster Documentation File
.rdf Resource Description Framework Rss Feed File
.rdl MicroStation Redline File
.rdp Remote Desktop Configuration File
.rdx Borland Reflex Database File
.rec Topfield PVR Recording File
.ref Microsoft Train Simulator Reference File
.reg Registry File
.rels Microsoft Open Office XML Relationships File
.rem Blackberry Encrypted Data File
.rep Grand Theft Auto Replay File
.req SSL Certificate Request File
.res C++ Complied Resource Script File
.rev LiveCode Plugin File
.rez Lithtech Game Engine Resource File
.rfl Reason ReFill Sound Bank File
.rft Revit Family Template File
.rgb RGB Bitmap File
.rgs Registry Script File
.rif Resource Interchange File Format
.riff Painter Raster Image File
.ris Research Information Systems Citation File
.rm Realmedia File
.rmi RMID MIDI File
.rmr Resumemaker File
.rms Secure Real Media File
.rmvb Realmedia Variable Bitrate File
.rnd PGP Random Seed File
.rng Nokia Composer Ringtone File
.rom N64 Game ROM File
.rpd Roleplay Designer Data File
.rpf Rich Pixel Format File
.rpm Red Hat Package Manager File
.rpt Crystal Reports File
.rrd Reduced Resolution Dataset File
.rrr Registry Mechanic Backup File
.rs RapidSketch Document File
.rsc Symbian Application Compiled Resource File
.rsd RealSQLDatabase File
.rsm WinWay Resume Deluxe Resume File
.rsp RSLogix PLC Program File
.rss Rich Site Summary File
.rst Restructuredtext File
.rtc Live Meeting Connection File
.rtf Rich Text Format Document File
.rtp Gromacs Residue Topology Parameter File
.rtx Rich Text Document File
.ru Russian Text Or Localization File
.rul InstallShield Rules File
.run Linux Executable File
.rwg Random Word Generator File Format
.rwz Outlook Rules Wizard File