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S (156 file types)

File extensions that start with the letter S

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.s Source Code File
.saf Street Atlas Usa Map File
.sam Ami Pro Document File
.sar Sibelius Arrange Style SAR File
.sas SAS Program File
.sat 3d Acis Model File
.sav Saved Game File
.sb Scratch Project File
.sbc Office Accounting Company Shortcut File
.sbd Office Accounting Company Data File
.sbf Android System File
.sbn ESRI Spatial Binary File
.sbr Visual Studio Source Browser Intermediate File
.sbx ESRI Spatial Index File
.sc Supercollider Source Code File
.scb Scrambls Encrypted File
.scc SourceSafe Source Code Control File
.scd TurboTax Tax Schedule List File
.scf Windows Explorer Shell Command File
.sch EAGLE Schematics File
.scm ScreenCam Screen Recording File
.scn Age of Mythology Scenario File
.sco TotalRecovery Backup Image File
.scr Windows Screensaver File
.sdat Nintendo Ds Sound Data File
.sdc Apache OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet File
.sdf Standard Data File
.sdi Windows System Deployment Image File
.sdm Staroffice Mail File
.sdp Session Description Protocol File
.sdr Smartdraw Drawing File
.sds MIDI Sample Dump Standard File
.sdt Smartdraw Template File
.sdw StarOffice Writer Text Document File
.sea Self-Extracting Archive File
.sec PGP Secret Key Ring File
.sed IExpress Self Extraction Directive File
.sep Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) Bitmap Image
.seq PowerTracks Pro Audio Project File
.ses Adobe Audition Session File
.set Settings File
.sf Minecraft JAR Signature File
.sf2 Creative Labs Soundfont 2.0 Bank File
.sfb Sony Playstation 3 Game Disc Description File
.sfc Super Nintendo ROM File
.sfd Spline Font Database File
.sff Standard Flowgram Format File
.sfl Sound Forge Sound Data File
.sfo Cuteftp Search File
.sfp Laserjet Portrait Font File
.sfs Squashfs File Archive File
.sft Microsoft App-V Sequencer File
.sfv Simple File Verification Checksum File
.sfw Seattle FilmWorks Image File
.sfx Self-extracting Compressed Archive File
.sgi Silicon Graphics Rgb Bitmap Image File
.sgm SGML File
.sgn Slax Boot File
.sh Bash Shell Script File
.sha1 Sha-1 Hash Text File
.shb Windows Document Shortcut File
.shd Microsoft Windows Shadow Spooler File
.shn Shorten Compressed Audio File
.shp Shapes File
.shr Unix Shell Archive File
.shs Microsoft Windows 95/98 Clipboard File
.shtml HTML Server Side Include File
.shw Corel Presentations Slide Show File
.shx AutoCAD Compiled Shape File
.sid MrSID Image File
.sif Microsoft Windows NT Setup Installation File
.sig Signature File
.sim SAP Tutor File
.sis Symbian Installation File
.sit Stuffit Expander Archive Format File
.sitx Stuffit Archive File
.skb Sketchup Backup File
.skf Autodesk Autosketch Thumbnail File
.skin ASP.NET Skin File
.skn Symbian OS Skin File
.skp SketchUp Document File
.sla Scribus Document File
.sld Styled Layer Descriptor File
.slf Symantec License File
.sln Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File
.sm Stepmania Song File
.smc Super Nintendo Game-Console Rom Image File
.smd Valve Studiomdl Data File
.smf Standard MIDI File
.smi SMIL Presentation File
.smil SMIL Presentation File
.smk Smacker Compressed Movie File
.smp SmartMusic Performance File
.sms Exported SMS Text Message File
.smt Samsung Theme File
.sng MIDI Song File
.snp Microsoft Access Report Shapshot File
.snx Pisnoop Workspace File
.sol Flash Local Shared Object File
.sp SignPlot Traffic Sign File
.spa MikuMikuDance Sphere Mapping File
.spd SPSS Custom Dialog File
.spf SlingPlayer Favorites File
.spg TCP Optimizer Backup File
.spi ShadowProtect Incremental Backup File
.spl Windows Print Spool File
.spo SPSS Statistical Data Output File
.spp Serif PhotoPlus Picture File
.spr Half-Life Sprite File
.sps SPSS Program File
.spt SpeedTree Tree Data File
.spv SPSS Output Document File
.spx Ogg Vorbis Speex File
.sql Structured Query Language Data SQL File
.sqlite Sqlite Database File
.sqm Service Quality Monitoring File
.src Generally Source Code File
.srf Sony RAW Image File
.srt Subrip Video Subtitle Format
.ss SilverStripe Source Code File
.ssa Sub Station Alpha Subtitle File
.ssf Trimble Standard Storage Format File
.ssi Adobe Dreamweaver Server Side Include File
.ssp Screensaver Producer Project File
.sta ABAQUS Status File
.std Apache OpenOffice Drawing Template File
.stf Exchange 2000 Server Temporary File
.stg ActiveSync Backup File
.stl STereoLithography File
.stm Exchange Streaming Media File
.sto PRO100 3D Interior Design Project File
.stp STEP 3D CAD File
.str dBASE Structure List Object File
.stu Pinnacle Studio Project File
.stw StarOffice Document Template File
.stx Pinnacle Studio Project File
.sty LaTeX Style File
.sub Subtitle File
.sum Garmin Checksum File
.sup Subtitle Bitmap File
.svd Roland Patch File
.svg Scalable Vector Graphics File
.svgz Compressed SVG File
.svs Game Boy Advance Saved State File
.swc Flex Components Archive File
.swd Settlers Ii Map File
.swf Shockwave Flash Movie
.swi SWiSH Project File
.swk Studyworks Save File
.swm Split Windows Imaging Format File
.swp Vi Swap File
.sxc Openoffice.org 1.0 Spreadsheet File
.sxw Openoffice.org Writer Document File
.sym Symbols File
.syn SimSynth Document File
.sys Windows System File