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T (78 file types)

File extensions that start with the letter T

Extension Name of file type Ranking
.t Turing Source Code File
.t05 Taxcut 2005 Tax Return File
.t07 Taxcut 2007 Tax Return File
.t08 Taxcut 2008 Tax Return File
.t09 At Home 2009 Tax Return File
.t10 At Home 2010 Tax Return File
.t11 At Home 2011 Tax Return File
.t12 At Home 2012 Tax Return File
.tab MapInfo TAB File
.taf Adrift Text Adventure File
.tag Dataflex Query Tag Name File
.tak Tom's Lossless Audio Kompressor File
.tar Unix Standard Archive Format, Tape Archive File
.tax Turbotax Tax Return File
.tbk Toolbook File
.tbl StarCraft Information Table File
.tbn XBMC Folder Thumbnail File
.tbs TuneUp Utilities Boot Screen File
.tc TrueCrypt Volume File
.tcl Tcl Script Source Code File
.tcw Turbocad For Windows Drawing File
.td Thunder Incomplete Download File
.tdb Ebay Turbo Lister File
.tdf Guide Text Definition File
.tdt THOR Data Tree File
.tef Tabledit Tablature File
.temp Temporary File
.tex LaTeX Source Document File
.text Plain Text File
.tfw World File for TIFF File
.tga Targa Graphic File
.tgz Gzip Tar File
.thm Thumbnail Image File
.tib Acronis Trueimage Backup Disk Image File
.tif Tagged Image File
.tiff Tagged Image File Format
.tis True Image Script File
.tk TK Script File
.tlb OLE Type Library File
.tlc The Logo Creator File
.tmb Timbuktu Pro Connection Document File
.tmd Textmaker Document File
.tmp Temporary File
.tmpl BlueJ Default Template File
.tms Telemate Script File
.tmv TimeMap Visual File
.tmx Translation Memory Exchange File
.tnef Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
.toc Eudora Table of Contents File
.tod JVC Everio Video Capture File
.tp Beyond TV Transport Stream File
.tp3 Harvard Graphics Dos 3.0 Template File
.tpf Transit Nxt Pack Translation File
.tpi EDIUS Plugin File
.tpl Document Template File
.tpm Trusted Platform Module Password File
.tps Clarion TopSpeed Data File
.tpz Kindle Topaz eBook File
.tr Tomeraider eBook File
.trace VMware ThinApp Trace Log File
.trc Oracle Sql*net Trace Debug File
.tri FaceGen Polygonal Model File
.trk CoMPEGps Land Track File
.trm FTR Media File
.trn SQL Server Transaction Log Backup File
.trp MPEG-2 Hd Video File
.trs Rosetta Stone Language Data File
.trx Visual Studio Test Results File
.ts Video Transport Stream File
.tsk Pocket PC Skin File
.tst TestPoint Test File
.tsv Tab Separated Values File
.tta True Audio File
.ttf Truetype Font File
.ttx Trados Tageditor Tradostag XML File
.txd Renderware Texture Dictionary File
.txf Tax Exchange Format File
.txt Simple Text File