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Desktop Design (2,462 programs)

Do you want to upgrade your desktop? The “Desktop Design” category is a huge resource of desktop gadgets and widgets, and features full professional reviews of recommended free and paid desktop customization software for download. All the required tools and software to enable you to customize your desktop as you wish. All the newest, top tools, including PC backgrounds, icons, screensavers, fonts for download and more

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Best software in Screensavers
Beach Balls Blog Screen Saver. Summer time!
Beach Balls Blog Screen Saver Download
Best software in Screensavers
You will get witches, phantoms and vampires.
Dark Halloween Night 3D Download
Best software in Screensavers
Admire high-res. dream cars on your screen!
Fast Dream Cars
Best software in Screensavers
Snow falls on your desktop. Transparent.
Desktop Snow
Best software in Screensavers
Watch your own green colonies!
Best software in Icons
3D OpenGL version of Sokoban with 380 levels
Best software in Screensavers
Elegant Elephants Screen Saver
Elegant Elephants Screen Saver Download
Best software in Themes
Change your Desktop Wallpaper
ANT 4 Wallpaper of the Day Download
Best software in Screensavers
Duck is a very special bird.
Hungry Ducks ScreenSaver Download
Best software in Screensavers
Free 3D Butterfly Screensaver
Free 3D Butterfly Screensaver Download
Best software in Screensavers
Horror and Fear Images ScreenSaver
Terror Maldito ScreenSaver Download
Best software in Cursors & Fonts
Send bulk and personalized email.
Email Director .NET Download
Best software in Screensavers
Awe-inspiring photos of Lamborghini cars!
Best of Lamborghini Screensaver Download
Best software in Screensavers
Screen Saver Slideshow (bmp, jpeg, wmf)
GTI JPEGSaver Download

Articles in Desktop Design

Five Great Ways to Customize Your Desktop
Get your desktop to look just the way you want it with five great tips! Read more
Taking Your Health in Your Own Hands and Onto Your Own Desktop
Take care of your body with these several great software programs that will keep you fit and healthy. Read more
Why Settle for the Regular Look? Original and Personalized Firefox Themes
Various creative Firefox themes allow for creativity and uniqueness while browsing. Enjoy endless options for browser customization. Read more
Cursor Editors – Point Your Own Way
If you're looking for a great way to spice up your day to day work using your computer, changing your cursor as a single act or on a regular basis is a great way to pour some color into your still desktop environment. Read more

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