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Browser Tools (1,540 programs)

Do you want to download an internet browser? Undecided as to which is preferable: Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome? Or maybe you want to diversify your browsing experience with less-known browsers such as Opera or Avant? The “Browser Tools” category allows you to compare between browsers and find full featured reviews of all browsers recommended for free download. All the software that will improve your browsing experience, including the latest updated versions. Download browsers such as Safari for Windows, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome for download and more

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Learn how to speak common Spanish phrases, words and their meanings
Learn Spanish Easy Download
Delinquent returns toolbar for IE
Delinquent Returns Download
Graduation Robes toolbar for IE.
Graduation Robes Download
Road Bike Forks toolbar for IE.
Road Bike Forks Download
Satin Bridal Shoes toolbar for IE.
Satin Bridal Shoes Download
Wood Nightstands toolbar for IE.
Wood Nightstands Download
Laser Eye Surgery Vancouver Toolbar for IE
Laser Eye Surgery Vancouver Download
SMA Antenna’s toolbar for IE.
SMA Antennas Download
Casual Sundresses toolbar for IE.
Casual Sundresses Download
Casiopx130 Digital Piano Toolbar is free .
Casiopx130 Digital Piano Toolbar Download
Northern California LIFETIME Solar toolbar.
Northern California LIFETIME Solar Download
Handyman phoenix toolbar internet explorer
Handyman Phoenix Download

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Articles in Browser Tools

Best Ad Blockers to Secure Your Internet Browsing
When surfing the net, Ad blockers do not only provide an overall secure browsing experience but also help websites load faster and use less data. Read on to see our reviews of the best ad blockers (paid and free) that can provide you with security without any compromises. Read more
Benefits, Downsides, and Setup of Router VPN
Online security is not a joke. The growth and importance of using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) has increased recently and are an important way of encrypting your data so that it cannot be viewed or manipulated by outside forces.This type of software is usually installed on a PC, laptop, tablet or phone to improve the overall security of your devices and keep you safe. Your VPN can be utilized even more by setting it up on your router in order to provide you with increased security. Read on to find out how this can be done. Read more
How a VPN on a Router with the AdBlocker Ensures Perfect Online Privacy
Each time you use browser add-ons, you expose yourself to browser fingerprinting which is how websites identify you as an online user and track your online behavior and activities. Adblockers are a good way to protect yourself from malvertising and other dangers lurking online. While many online users are already well-aware why ad blockers are so important today,for those who don't know, ads can affect your privacy in three different ways: ransomware, malware and tracking. Simply put, every ad is used to track your online browsing activities, page views, keystrokes, history and pretty much everything you do online. By using a VPN, you can block ads on your router as this is one of the best solutions to protect your devices and network from any online danger. Read more
The 10 Best Free VPN Services for 2018
Here’s our list of the top 10 free VPN services for 2018. Read more
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