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Automation Tools

Today, it's all about time. When something takes two and half seconds more than it should we get slightly annoyed. When it takes 4 seconds more than it should some of us begin to get spasms and develop a myriad of physical reactions. When it takes an unacceptable 10 seconds more than it should, some may be reduced to forsaking all hope and faith in technology and humankind altogether, sitting silently in a dark corner, hugging themselves, humming softly, waiting for judgment day to come or for aliens to visit – whichever comes first.
Well, we may have got slightly carried away. It's possible that some may endure for over 15 seconds.
However, when working on your PC you'll probably notice that there are several keyboard and mouse actions that repeat themselves on different and quite frequent occasions. Manually repeating these combinations takes precious time, may lead to unpredictable consequences (as mentioned above) and is subjected to errors. That's exactly where automation tools get in the picture. These tools are usually very easy to use and assist in saving time and making work more efficient and less environmentally hazardous.
Tools such as Ghost Mouse Win7, AutoHotkey, Automation Anywhere and others of their kind will enable you to record keystrokes and mouse actions combinations and create shortcuts for running them without having to manually repeat them all over again each time you need them done. You'll be able to define hotkeys to run different applications or get different tasks done. You'll even be able to schedule different procedures.
Considering these programs ease of use and relatively substantial contribution they're quite recommended for advanced users who can put them to good use.

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