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Epic Battles of Software – RAR Vs Zip

If you're a computer user for over three and a half minutes, chances are you've already stumbled upon compressed files in one form or another. Software programs for compressing files are exceptionally useful programs, used, surprisingly enough, for compressing larger files into smaller ones. This action serves many purposes including storing large files without taking up too much space, sending large files over the net, etc.
Two of the most familiar and used compressing programs are Zip and RAR. However, which one is more preferable is not quite clear for some users as, naturally, each program has its advantages. Listed below are the main differences between them as we try to point out the ways in which one is better than the other. What’s the conclusion you ask? That’s for us to know and for you to… well, know either.
Why is Zip Better?
Zip is without doubt the more commonly used program of the two and is more popularly used than RAR. The main reason for its dominance is the fact that basically anyone and everyone can use Zip without having to go to any trouble whatsoever. Zip comes built into almost every system, thus enabling you to use it the moment your computer is out of its wrap. RAR on the other hand, requires you to download and install a designated software program without which you simply won't be able to use RAR files.
Secondly, while you have to pay in order to use RAR, Zip comes for free. You do get a free trial period to use RAR, but after that trial period expires you'll be required to pay in order to continue using it. The costs aren't overwhelming, but they're still infinitely larger than zero…
Why is RAR Better?
RAR has a clear advantage over Zip in compression rates. RAR simply compresses better than Zip, and that's basically the whole point. Different file types have different compression rates but all in all, using RAR you'll end up with smaller files. This means you'll be able to handle them with more ease, upload or download them much faster and use less space while storing them on whichever storage device you choose to use.
Another reason to use RAR is the fact that RAR offers easier file splitting options. This means that handling exceptionally large files is easier and more efficient using RAR rather than Zip.
Last but not least, RAR enables you to create recovery files while compressing, meaning that should your computer suffer some sort of failure your chances of recovering data are greater.
Which Should You Use?
We certainly can't determine that for you, but we hope we've given you the major pros and cons while pointing out the major differences between these two software programs.

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