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Five Great Ways to Customize Your Desktop

Turning your desktop into a uniquely designed workstation is a great way to express yourself and make your work environment a little more personal.
Reading on, you'll find five great and easy ways to do so, making even novice users fully capable of customizing their desktops:
Mouse Cursor Editors: Changing your cursor into any image you like, and even into images painted and created by you, is a great way to customize your desktop and your work experience. Cursor editing software programs, such as Sib Cursor Editor, ArtCursors, XZ-B-ONE Cursors, ViVi Cursors and others, will enable you to create new cursors, whether static or animated, edit existing files, paint your own cursor, use special effects, use your freshly made innovative cursors with different operating systems and decide for yourself what your mouse cursor will look like.
Screensavers: No need to settle for predefined boring screensavers. Today, you can choose what your screen will look like when you're taking a break. You can either choose from what seems like endless options waiting for you on different sites or you can actually create your own screensavers. Some great software programs to do so, among others, are Snowy Desktop Screen Saver and Hyperspace 3D Screensaver.
Wallpapers: Today, looking at your desktop takes a substantial amount of the time you spend in front of your computer. Setting up different wallpapers can make your desktop look exactly as you prefer it look. Whether you know exactly what wallpapers you want and whether you need help finding suitable wallpapers, some great software programs to do so include Automatic Wallpaper Changer, Animated Wallpaper Maker, ALTools Christmas Desktop Wallpapers and ALTools Easter Desktop Wallpapers 2006 among others.
Themes: Choosing a theme for your PC is a great way to take wallpapers and screensavers to the next level and to further customize your desktop. Different themes create absolutely different user experiences and allow for creating unique working environments. Such themes may include NASA Sunset Firefox Interactive Theme, Weather Firefox Theme, World Cup Soccer Firefox Theme, Christmas Firefox Interactive Theme, Neon Lights Firefox Theme, Theme Manager, FIFA World Cup 2010 Windows 7 Theme and many more.
Icons: Icons are actually the visual nicknames of software programs allowing you to initiate them with ease and speed directly from your desktop. Nowadays, you don't have to go with the icon the developers chose, but rather, you can choose, edit and create your own icons for different software programs and applications. Such icon creating and editing software programs include Easy Icon Maker, for example, and more.

Naturally, there are many other, more advanced, ways to further customize your desktop, but we'll let you find them while browsing our site.

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