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Google Earth – Explore the Globe on Your PC

Ever wondered how Micronesia looks like from above? No? Well, neither have we. Nonetheless, being able to see it from the skies is an experience unique in its intensity and in the feelings and excitement it generates.
For those of you who have yet to familiarize themselves with Google Earth we'll simply describe it as the best geographical software program we've seen that's ever crossed our path (not that we go around looking for geographical software programs, but still…). Using Google Earth you'll be able to look at most places on Earth from the comfort of your own home sipping on Coke, hot chocolate or your beverage of choice. Based on Google's Maps services Google Earth is capable of rendering 3D displays of many structures and building from countries all over the world thus giving the whole experience an even more realistic look.
Focusing on the city you're interested in, you can actually feel like you're walking its streets, soaking in its atmosphere and getting to know its every street, avenue and corner. When later you'll visit it, you'll feel like you're coming back home to a town you know like the back of your hand.
Allowing users to submit their own content to be viewed by others makes Google Earth experience even more exciting and dynamic. Watching users' remarks, uploaded pictures, flight paths, reenactments of historical events and more can make you feel like you're going on a new adventure every time you run the program.
However, leisure activities are not the only use for Google Earth. It can be used to search for real estate worthy of purchasing, for planning routes for different goals and purposes and for many other uses.
Google Earth's only downside is a slow installation process and slow loading processes.

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