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Inbound Links – A Great Way to Achieve Improved Search Results Visibility

Google's search algorithm upon which search result's order is based is quite like Coca-Cola's secret formula. We all know there is one, we all know some of the ingredients used to achieve the final result and cherished flavor, we all probably know less than we assume, yet most of us could probably put our finger on one or two certain ingredients. Such is the case with the way Google, or any other search engine for that matter, measure site's ranking on results pages and how they measure pages' popularity.
One of these not so secret factors is the amount and quality of inbound links your pages and your entire site enjoy. It's widely suggested that the more links you have referring visitors to your sites, the more relevant these links are and the more they come from reliable sources the better your site's ranking amongst search engine gets.
One of the simplest yet most effective tools to manage and check your known inbound links for still being there and active is a software program surprisingly named Inbound Links Monitor, which allows you to learn about your current inbound links' status. Using this tool you'll be able to find how many links referring to your site are in good working order, how many are broken or if any had been removed.
Using this tool is great yet not nearly enough as one of its major flaws is the fact that you have to manually list the sites that are supposed to refer to your own and that you would care to check and monitor. This flaw limits the use of this tool to managing only inbound links known to you and not the entire scope of inbound links referring to your site.
Having said that, it's still a great way to keep track of the inbound links of which you're aware!

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