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Invoice in No Time - Excel

Issuing invoices is a regular and constant part of every businessman's life. Regardless of whether you run a company with an annual turnover of several millions or whether you manage a home business creating camel-fur scented candles, invoice issuing is one of the things you won't be able to avoid doing.
However, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to put in 'Big Bucks' purchasing an advanced and sophisticated software program that will burn a hole through your pocket.
There are much simpler solutions for those who don't need to issue all that many invoices. One of these simple and accessible solutions is Excel Invoice Template. This Excel add-in allows you to freely and immediately issue invoices by typing in some basic information about your business, about the customer and about the transaction itself. The rest – Excel Invoice Template will do for you. Among other things and advantages, one of this add-in's greatest features is the fact that it auto-calculates totals and taxes for transactions.
There's no doubt that although this tool is not the most sophisticated software program you can find it embodies an easy to use, friendly and cost effective solution that's perfect to some and that doesn't mean spending large sums of money.

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