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Let Your Computer Do Your Reading for You – Text Reading Software Programs

Today's world is all about time. It was Napoleon who had once said – you can ask me for anything you like, except time. Nowadays, time has become the most important, valuable and coveted resource. There's no wonder time has become the focal point of workshops, courses, complex inventions and complicated systems, when your average daily schedule includes getting up on time, getting dresses and ready for work, catching the bus, oh! feeding the cat (or camel for some of us), calling your largest client and wishing him a happy birthday, getting a new necklace for your wife to apologize you forgot hers, stopping by the supermarket to pick up some groceries, helping an old lady cross the road – and that's before lunch!
Having said that, time is also the one resource which we cannot replenish, buy or make more of. The one thing we should and can do, is make the best use of it we can – simply and effectively. That's where Text-to-Speech software programs get in the picture.
These great software programs, such as TextAloud, TextAloud Platinum, Balabolka, 2nd Speech Center and others of their kind, are able to turn any text file into an audio file in formats such as MP3, WMA, etc., and then play it on your computer or portable device.
The practical meaning of such conversion is that you can listen to your Emails, favorite books or professional documents while training on your Step Master or doing Pilates.
Some additional features may include:
• Several voices in several languages.
• Batch converter mode to convert multiple files at once.
• Voice, pitch and volume control during speech.
• The ability to use several voices in one document to simulate conversation.
• Listen to files on line or save them for later use.

When you can easily combine your work related tasks, your leisure time reading or any other reading necessities with the things you love to do or with hours of battling traffic there's no doubt your day will get much more productive and efficient.

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