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Sudoku – A Great Game for Great Times

Whether you're already addicted to Sudoku or whether you're just getting to know it, there's no doubt it's one of the most fun games to play, that is, unless you have homicidal tendencies of course. Sudoku is a very popular number based logic game, easy enough to learn but sometimes difficult to master.
Sudoku's rules and structure are easy to understand and remember. The game, in its most basic and original form, is based on a three-by-three grid. Each of the grid's nine blocks is further divided into a three-by-three grid. The rules are simple enough:
• Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fill each row, column and block with the numbers one to nine without repetitions.
• The puzzle should be completed using only a few given numbers, your logic and power of deduction. The number of pre-filled block depends on the level of difficulty of the puzzle being currently played.
• When done, every row, column and block will each contain the numbers one to nine without repetitions.
Up until today Sudoku was to be found in different newspapers and magazines featuring different levels of Sudoku puzzles. Today you can find many online Sudoku applications as well as great Sudoku software programs available for download such as the one on our site.
Many Sudoku software programs offer different levels of difficulty adjustable by the user, option to enable time limit, best scores records, thousands, and practically endless, different combinations to allow for hours of fun.
On the other hand, if you're considering playing Sudoku, you should keep in mind that not all succeed in mastering Sudoku's rules and some get seriously frustrated by the blank blocks mockingly staring at them. You should also remember that ultimately, we're talking about a one-mode game that for some will offer limited excitement.

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