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Virtual Anonymity

Most users don't realize that almost everything they do on the web, every site they visit and every application they activate can be traceable by those who know what they're doing. Tracking their IP address back to them is a no brainer for one with moderate web proficiency. While the majority of this monitoring activity is done with mundane interests at heart, such as commercial and advertising activities, some have more malicious and bad natured intents. Bearing in mind that your IP address can even disclose your name and whereabouts, protecting your privacy becomes a matter of undisputed importance not to be taken lightly.
Luckily enough, there's an easy way to keep your online identity to yourself. Some great software programs such as Hide IP, Quick Hide IP Platinum and others, offer online privacy based on surfing the web through proxy servers. This means that wherever you go on the web, your hosts and the sites you visit won't see your actual IP address. What these software programs basically do is provide IP addresses other than your own and set up a barrier between yourself and the web thus enabling you to freely roam the net.
Beginners shouldn't fear either. While there are definitely more complex tools out there that require great technological knowhow and skill, these software programs are easily usable even by novice users. So, even if you weren't born with a keyboard attached to your hands you don't have to stay behind and you'll still be able to protect your privacy.

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