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Web Content – You Decide What's Permitted!

With progress comes danger. There's no doubt that the mind boggling technological advances made in recent years have a crucial and mostly positive impact over the way we live our lives today and over mankind's future altogether. There's no debate over the long way we've come since several decades ago and how better life is. There's also no quarrel over the fact that these magnificent inventions and marvelous leaps in technological capabilities also hold several threats and dangers. Whether you're a concerned parent or a result driven employer you're probably aware of the many downsides of the net. While some can be mere distractions others can be harmful to unimaginable extents.
In order to protect your interests, be it safekeeping your children's innocence or making sure your employees stay focused on what's important you can quite easily control the content they're exposed to surfing the internet.
Using software programs like REFOG Personal Monitor, Internet Access Controller or many others you can control the accessibility to certain websites or take control over your internet connection altogether. These software programs allow you to choose certain permitted websites while blocking access to all others, to set predetermined times in which to block internet access or to set a specific amount of time after which connection should be broken and blocked. No need to further explain how handy these features can come while trying to protect your children or while trying to ensure productivity and efficiency in the workplace.
Having said that, we'd like to offer a word for the wise. As important as taking these actions is and as tempting as this type of control seems – it's not greatly suggested to go overboard and exaggerate. You're house or office is still not a dictatorship somewhere in the east, you don't have a flag and army of your own and most of you don't drive a golden, diamond encrusted Chevrolet. Don't get carried away!

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