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Account and Profile Settings – Customize Your Skype Account

After you've downloaded Skype off our site and had it installed on your computer, you can now customize your account and profile settings according to your preferences.

Log into Skype (besides using your Skype name and password, you can log in with your Microsoft account which serves you for Hotmail, Outlook, Messenger, and SkyDrive) and start adjusting it any which way you like.


Setting your Skype Status

In order for others to know whether you're available or busy, you can change your Skype Status with a single click on the arrow next to your Skype name:



Then, you can select the most suiting status to currently describe your situation.


Changing profile photo, Skype sounds, and other profile details

In order to change your profile photo and customize your Skype sounds, select the 'Skype' tab, and then select 'Profile'. This will present you with a menu that will allow you to change your profile photo, customize your Skype sounds, and edit each and every one of your profile details.

To edit your profile, you can also click your Skype name directly:



Once you've accessed the profile editing mode you can type a mood message which will be visible to anyone viewing your profile, you can change or add a mobile phone number, home phone number, office phone number, upgrade your account, and virtually edit each and every one of your profile details as you would prefer they will appear in your profile (if you see only a part of your profile, or only partial details just click the 'Show full profile' option beneath your phone numbers.


Changing Skype language

If you've decided to master the Indonesian language, or if during installation you've selected a language that now seems less convenient, you can easily change Skype's language.

Select the 'Tools' tab and then the 'Change language' tab. Now, you can select any language you like:



And, you're done! You've successfully customized Skype according to your preferences and now you can use it with greater fun and pleasure!

Good luck!


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