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Analyzing Text's Sentiment in Excel


Excel is not only about numbers and formulas. Sometimes, especially when processing large databases consisting of text inputs, you need to analyze the sentiment of the text. Imagine conducting a virtual survey and having to manually pour through the results in order to get the drift of the participants' sentiments. Well, PowerUps does the trick for you.


pwrSENTIMENT – analyzing text's sentiment

In order to analyze text's sentiment, you can use PowerUps' pwrSENTIMENT function after you've had it installed on your computer.

Simply choose the 'PowerUps' option from the main tool bar:



Excel PowerUps tool


Then, select the 'PowerUps Functions' option:



PowerUps for Excel


Then, select the 'Text Analyzer' option and the 'pwrSENTIMENT' function from the list of available functions:



PowerUps add-in for Excel


After you choose the pwrSENTIMENT function an additional function window will appear as is the case with all of Excel's functions. Use the 'Str1' field to choose which cells should be analyzed. You can use the 'Pos_flag' field to include additional positive words and expressions, the 'Neg_file' field to include additional negative words and expressions, and the 'Neutral' field to include additional neutral words and expressions:




The function's return value is a number between -1 and 1. A return value of -1 means that the analyzed text's sentiment is negative; a return value of 1 means that the analyzed text's sentiment is positive; and a return value of 0 means that the analyzed text's sentiment is neutral. The return value may vary between -1 and 1 in accordance with the prominence of the sentiment:



PowerUps formula


And, you're done! Now you can easily and quickly analyze the sentiment of large bulks of text without having to do so manually.

Good luck!


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