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Audio Recording on Your PC

Do you want to record a video you are now watching online? Do you want to grab the interview you hear on the radio? Free software for that is waiting for you to download it

One of the simplest yet most useful tasks you can perform with your PC is audio recording. Sound is all around us and it plays a significant part of our lives. Quite often you hear a sound, be it a music track, a sound effect or any other type of sound, that you wish you could keep for later use. Well, you'll be happy to find there are some free and easy to use software programs developed precisely for that end.


The many uses of such capabilities are obvious and include:

  • Record songs being played on your PC, even songs streamed from sites on the web. Note: when doing so please avoid copyrights violations.
  • Record any sound issued by your PC, such as microphone output, online TV or radio, music, games' sound effect and so on and so forth.
  • Record and convert DVD audio and other unsupported formats into portable devices and into formats supported by portable devices.

Some great software programs to accomplish such tasks include Active Audio Record ComponentAudio Record ExpertAVS Audio Recorder and GoldLeo Audio Recorder.
These software programs, that can be found on our site along with many others usually enable you to enjoy the following features among others:

  • Basic audio recording.
  • Splitting audio recording into several files based on predefined parameters.
  • Scheduled recording.
  • Using different audio formats for different purposes and devices.

Whatever your need may be, these great tools will enable you to keep what you hear and put it to use at a later time.

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