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Best Ad Blockers to Secure Your Internet Browsing

Ads that appear when you open any website are not only annoying but a security threat as well. Most of the time, such ads are designed by third parties or individuals looking to gain unauthorized access to your information without your knowledge. These ads also serve as a gateway to malware which infects your devices and causes more unnecessary ads to pop up.

This is why you need to have good ad blockers in place to protect your identity and to block viruses from infecting your device. Even if you don’t want to block ads, you still should have an ad blocker as it helps websites load faster, uses less data and provides an overall secure browsing experience.

Below, we have reviewed the best ad blockers (paid and free) so you can have strong security without any compromise.
AdBlock does what it is supposed to do without costing you any money. It is the best free option as it allows its users to customize its settings and choose between preset filters, blocking specific ads and whitelisting. With AdBlock installed, you can browse through the blocking setting and specify the kind of ads you want to see.

AdBlock pays utmost attention towards privacy and does not require a login, asks for no personal information and keeps no tab on your browsing activity. Another great feature is its ability to block YouTube ads that appear before every video.
AdBlock is available for Chrome, Safari, and Opera. 
With AdFender, users can browse the internet safely and anonymously through TOR. It is a great option for individuals who not only want to block ads but also block pop-ups as well. Through AdFender, you can adjust the settings according to your requirements and block online trackers and malvertisements. Furthermore, it can speed up your internet browsing and remove all sorts of profiling cookies.

AdFender is available as a plug-in for browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft and Opera. But it only supports the Windows platform. AdFender is a paid ad blocker but offers a free trial through which you can test its services before buying it. 
AdLock is included in this list as it offers various benefits apart from just blocking ads. It is multifunctional in the sense that it not only blocks ads but it also protects your identity, saves up on your monthly data plan and filters various HTTPS sites.  With AdLock installed, you will face no pop-up ads, no video or other Cryptocurrency mining ads.

Just like AdFender, AdLock is not free but it comes with a 14-day free trial. Also, it works only with Windows and Android.
Trustnav Adblocker
Trustnav AdBlocker is a product of a security company so you can be assured that you will only get the best with this ad blocker. However, it does not come without a few flaws. On one hand, Trustnav has a very easy-to-use ad blocking interface but on the other hand, it does not offer many options. It comes with only a toggle through which you can turn the adblocker on or off, and block all ads or some of the ads. Also, you get to choose whether you want to get notifications or not. All in all, it will block ads like a true champion!

It is free and available to download only for Firefox and Chrome.
AdBlocker Genesis Plus
AdBlocker Genesis Plus comes from the developers behind uBlock Origin and AdBlock Style. Although the basic code of Genesis Plus is similar to the previous ad blockers, it has enough alterations to be considered a unique program. Apart from blocking unwanted ads, it removes tracking codes to provide more privacy to its users. Also, it fails to block all the ads but those ads can further be blocked through a ‘block element’ button that comes with it.

Genesis Plus is very popular and has over 100,000 users around the globe. It is available for download for Chrome only.  
Limited to only Firefox, this plug-in does not directly block ads. However, it prevents every type of script from loading such as Flash, Javascript, and Java. This indirectly stops the ads from appearing on the websites. Although it will block every aggressive type of ad it will not block ads that come before videos.

NoScript comes with a lot of options through which you can allow certain kinds of scripts to load while blocking others.
Incognito Adblocker for Firefox
Incognito Adblocker can easily be the best option available in the market due to an array of features that come with it. It does its job well by blocking all the ads, except a few auto-play ads on certain websites. Other than that, it's free, asks for zero personal information and has a high user rating.

You can activate incognito mode with a simple click and examine the codes of the website you are visiting. Lastly, you can adjust the settings to whitelist certain ads and web pages.
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft may not be extremely popular among the users, but Microsoft Edge’s ad blocking abilities are quite impressive. Edge blocks every type of ad including the auto-play video ad but at the same time enables good pop-up ads. Unfortunately, it is not without a few flaws.  Unlike many other ad blocking softwares, Edge’s settings are preset and cannot be changed which means that users cannot whitelist certain ads or web addresses. Also, it tends to block certain pop-ups that may be necessary for a website to work.

And that’s the end of the list! But it all comes down to your requirements so be sure to go through the ratings and reviews to ensure the legitimacy of the ad blockers. Since the stores are loaded with malicious malwares disguised as ad blockers it is necessary to make sure that you are not installing anything that may compromise your privacy and user data.
All in all, we have done our homework and hope that it will be enough for you in your search for a good ad blocker.

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