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Calculating the Number of Days between Two Dates in Excel


When dealing with dates you're more likely than not, to find yourself with the need to count the number of days between two dates. Arguably, this can performed manually. However, if you're not keen on wasting precious time, a better result could be achieved by using the pwrDAYS function.


pwrDAYS – counting days for you

In order to use the pwrDAYS function, simply access the 'PowerUps' option from the main tool bar:



Excel counting days


Then, select the 'PowerUps Functions' option:



Excel formula for counting days


Then, select the 'PowerUps' option. From this new menu, you can select the pwrDAYS function.



counting days formula fro excel


Once the pwrDAYS function has been selected, the function's interface window will open, and you'll be asked to insert the two dates. You can either type them in manually, or choose cells which have the desired dates within them:




The first date should be the later one and the second date specified should be the earlier one. You can calculate the number of days between two dates in the same year or even across several years.

The function's return value will be the number of days between these two specified dates.


And, you're done! Now you can quickly know the number of days between two desired dates and get on with your work!

Good luck!


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