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Cursor Editors – Point Your Own Way

In today's generic and mass production world we all seek ways to differentiate ourselves and our immediate surroundings from the rest of the world. Bearing in mind that we spend most of the day in front of our personal computer, weather in home, in the office, on our leisure time, on the road and basically everywhere, what we look at and what had become a constant part of the scenery – is the mouse cursor. That simple, that mundane, yet such a perfect opportunity to creatively customize your faithful companion: your computer.

These editing tools and software are designed by various manufacturers as an interesting and innovative way to distinct yourself from other hundreds of millions of users all over the world. Some manufacturers settle for software that offer the more basic tools while others offer full featured software to enhance the editing and designing experience and to allow you something close to limitless opportunities and options.

Among these software you can find Sib Cursor Editor, ArtCursors, XZ-B-ONE Cursors, ViVi Cursors and many more. Most software will basically offer the same features and capabilities with some variations.

Most mouse cursor editing and designing tools and software will be able to:

  • Create fully customizable static and animated mouse cursors.
  • Support various operating systems and their different versions allowing for swift cursor assimilation and flawless functionality.
  • Import various file types, thus enabling you to create, edit and design your cursor using external material.
  • Freely paint your cursor, combine ready to use shapes, define size, etc.
  • Further differentiate your cursor by using special effects such as shadow, opacity, grayscale, rotate, mirror and more.

For users with creative tendencies and some free time, we absolutely recommend expressing yourselves through use of one of these mouse cursor editing and designing tools. Furthermore, if you find that you're actually quite successful in creating exciting mouse cursors you can always consider monetizing.

Having said that, you should also remember that there's a multitude of cursor images ripe for the picking, spread over dozens of websites and freeing you to enjoy creative cursors on the one hand and avoid time consuming editing and designing activities on the other.

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