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Dedicated IP VPN 101 – Best VPNs for Static IP & Which to Avoid


As the never-ending war for online privacy and security continues, new solutions keep emerging on the market. Virtual Private Networks dominate this landscape. They offer ultimate security and a great online experience to their users, especially dedicated IP VPN, considered to be the best among VPNs.
Since more and more people decide to choose dedicated (static) IP VPNs over the standard ones, we’ve decided to provide you with more information on it. Here’s all you need to know about dedicated IP VPNs, which ones are the best on the market and which to avoid if you want to stay anonymous.
The Benefits of Using a Dedicated IP VPN
Among the VPN service providers, there aren’t many that offer a dedicated IP address. If you decide to use this service, you’ll be assigned a static IP address of your own. Each IP address is unique and you won’t be sharing it with other users using the same service from that VPN provider. 
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Here are the top 5 benefits of accessing online content via VPN that assigns you a static IP. 
1.  Great Online Experience
To protect their assets, many websites implement numerous fraud avoidance measures. Let’s say that you use a standard VPN service to access some website. The other users using the same VPN will access the content via the same IP address. 
If they visit the same website as you did, you will risk getting the IP blocked due to the above-mentioned measures. But, if you use a dedicated IP VPN this won’t happen because your IP address is static and unique.
2.  Flawless Video Streaming
Major video streaming services, including Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix block IP addresses shared by several users. This process is automated. As soon as their software picks up this type of activity, the IP address gets blocked and put on a blocked list. 
This would be a shame if you’ve decided to use a VPN just to be able to access the streaming services due to geo-block. Once again, static IP VPN comes to the rescue by preventing this. 
3.  Seamless Authentication
Authentication measures have become our reality. This is how online service providers protect their users and keep the bots away. With a standard VPN, you’ll have to deal with a lot more authentication processes, since they can be triggered when a number of people share the same IP address. With a dedicated IP, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth ride and log into your online accounts a lot easier. 
4.  Gaming
A dedicated IP will help you enjoy your favorite game without getting constantly disconnected and asked for authentication.
5.  Banking
To protect their clients and operations, banks often block IP addresses shared by numerous people. With a dedicated IP address, you‘ll get around this measure with ease.
The Best Dedicated IP VPNs
Our top choice is definitely NordVPN. NordVPN is a famous VPN service provider with a no-logs policy. Their offer also includes a dedicated IP. This VPN is based in Panama. They offer their users’ access to hundreds of servers spread all across the globe. 
The NordVPN client app is available for all major OS platforms. With the competitive pricing, and plans that start at $3.99, around-the-clock live chat support, and a 30-day refund policy, this VPN deserves to be first on our list.
A dedicated IP address with NordVPN will cost you $70 for one year. The following locations for dedicated IP addresses are currently available:
● London, UK
● Buffalo, Los Angeles, Dallas, US
● Amsterdam, NL
● Frankfurt, GR
VPNArea is a VPN service provider based in Bulgaria. They have extended their services and included a dedicated IP address in their standard offer. They also offer VPN client that supports major OS platforms and devices. You can use one account to connect up to six devices simultaneously, which is a great perk. 
They also run a no-logs operation. With strong encryption and regularly updated clients, VPNArea deserves its spot on our list. Compared to NordVPN, they have a more flexible pricing poly. Prices depend on the location you choose:
● Australia $79
● The United Kingdom $40
● The Netherlands $30
● Canada $30
● Germany $30
● Romania $30
● The USA $20
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TorGuard is based in the USA. This service provider also offers dedicated IP addresses to its users. The functionality of this VPN is modular, meaning that you can choose and pair the services according to your needs. 
Despite their no-logs policy, this VPN provider struggles to attract more users because of its location. Being based in the USA, ToRGuard falls under the controversial 5 Eyes privacy jurisdiction. So far, they have an immaculate record and a great reputation (no data leaks). 
While the price remains the same at $15.98, you can choose several locations if you choose TorGuard dedicated IP VPN services:
● UK
● Singapore
● Italy
● Finland
● France
● Spain
● Japan
● Germany
Dedicated IP VPNs to Avoid
Despite being able to deliver the static IP addresses to their users, the following dedicated IP VPNs have questionable security and privacy practices.
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The first problem we’ve encountered with VPN Unlimited is the loading speed. At some point, the broadband speed was great, while at other times it was terrible. In addition, we’ve experienced some minor connection problems.
The main problems appear to be in the privacy department. First of all, there’s no kill switch. This simply means that you will be exposed to threats every time you decide to switch a server. Add DNS and IP address leaks to this and you have a recipe for disaster.
Pure VPN is also a VPN provider to avoid, at least for now. We could have turned our head away from slow loading speeds and connection problems to specific servers but we also detected IP address and DNS leaks.
Unlike VPN Unlimited, PureVPN has a kill switch. Unfortunately, it’s broken and you still remain exposed to threats while switching servers. On top of that, despite their no-logs policy, this VPN service provider assisted FBI in unmasking a person who used their services. So much for anonymity.
That’s about it. Hopefully, we’ve helped you see the benefits of using static IP VPN services. You now know which VPN providers are the best and which ones to avoid. To make a smart decision, always cross-reference your needs with the specific VPN services a provider offers. 

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