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Excel Add In PowerUps Review


If you use Excel (which you surely do if you're part of the modern world) you've probably stumbled upon a need not covered by one of Excel's built in functions. Needless to say, it can be quite frustrating not being able to find, among the dozens of existing functions, that precise formula that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Luckily enough, PowerUps will, in all likelihood, have this missing function you're looking for. Covering several fields PowerUps proves to be an efficient add-in that complements Excel and enhances its capabilities.

PowerUps' functions are easy enough to use to users that know their way around Excel. For novice users the built in help and the explanations offered at the developers' website do not always take you all the way through. However, figuring it out on your own shouldn’t be that hard.

PowerUps offers additional functions which are divided into several fields:

Conversion: this section contains several handy conversion functions. Conversions of weights, measurements, temperature, etc. can be easily performed using the functions in this section.

Miscellaneous: this section contains a limited number of functions with limited added value. However, some users may find functions that return current user's name, for example, to be super handy.

Randomizer: functions in this section offer greater randomization capabilities than basic Excel functions. These functions can offer a substantial added value.

Text Analyzer: this section takes care of any text related needs you may have. Reverse text, compare two strings of text, find similar text, etc., can all be achieved through functions in this section.

PowerUps: this section contains an impressive range of functions, most of which pertaining to advanced mathematics, trigonometry, and so on and so forth.

Field Validator: this section offers great functions to validate different types of data.

Web Assistant: some great web tools are included in this section which can be quite helpful to users.



Excel Add In PowerUps Review


All in all, we're talking about a great add-in that truly offers added value for most users.


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