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Free online clocks - no install required


Every cell phone device usually comes with a clock that has a timer, stop watch and alarm function.  But I have yet to come across a device that had a “countdown function”.

This cool new online clock app has just the thing, that also has the timer, stopwatch and alarm functionality.  What normal devices also do not have is the ability to share your countdown, alarm, timer and stopwatch with your friends on just about every popular social media site there is!

When you download the clock, this is what the “set up page” for the online countdown would look like.


The first step would be to place your cursor in the section called “Hello World”.  Then you simply type in your event. 

The second step would then be to place your cursor on the date portion.  When you do, a box will appear with a prompt to allow you to use the online calendar to insert the date.  Alternatively, you are able to type the date in manually.

Then place the time in the time portion manually.

Then simply press the chain sign below the date box and your online countdown begins.


This is an example of what your online countdown now looks like.  Now comes the cool part;  simply click on one of the social media sites and share the countdown with your friends and family.

The online stopwatch is great for its “ease of use”.  Simply a matter of pressing the “play button” and then having the middle button to “split” or “lap” as its used in other stopwatches. It’s just an easy stopwatch to use which is a must have when you’re on the road or having to use it on your phone.  Ease is key!!


The online alarm clock, is great also for the ease of use.  A fantastic aspect of this clock is that there aren’t any other “settings” buttons that you need to press in order to get the correct functionality.  For example, you can set the time (with the “set new alarm” icon), but without having to press any further buttons, you can choose the alarm buzzer sound at the same time.  Also, if you press the “set new alarm” button again, you are able to set another time as an option at the same time.  So a multiple alarm signal can be used.

The online timer function is again, easy to use and once again, the alarm buzzer sound can be selected at the same time.  This app really can save a multitude of time for any user.  The fact that this app is also the only online clock that has full access to all major social media sites is simply marvelous!


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