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Greater Randomization Capabilities in Excel


Choosing random numbers can come in handy in all sorts of Excel applications, uses, and purposes. However, basic Excel offers rather limited randomization capabilities, which pretty much sum up to two functions: RANDBETWEEN which chooses a random number between two specified numbers, and RAND which returns a random number greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1, evenly distributed.

But what happens when you need to randomly choose a value from an array of cells? What happens when you need to choose a random number from a specific set of values and not all integer numbers between two given numbers?

Towards that end PowerUps has developed two neat functions: pwrRANDFROMSET and pwrRANDFROMRANGE.

Both functions can be accessed by choosing the 'PowerUps' option from the main tool bar:





And then by selecting the 'PowerUps Functions' option:



Randomization capabilities


Then, select the 'Randomizer' option which will lead you to a new menu. From this new menu you can choose either one of these functions:



Excel randomization process



This function chooses a random number from a given set of values. You can type in the desired set of values and have the function choose a random number for you:



Excel randomization



This function chooses a random number from a given range of cells. Simply select the desired cells and let the function randomly choose the value of one of these cells for you:



Randomization results


And, you're done! Now you can enjoy greater randomization capabilities in Excel than ever before!

Good luck!


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