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How to Easily Create a Skype Account, How to Log Into Skype, and How to Easily Recover a Lost Skype Password?

Great! You've downloaded Skype and you're thrilled to use a communications means that will enable you to hold video calls with colleagues, friends, and family anywhere on Earth. Now, you just have to create your very own Skype account and log into Skype itself.


How is it done, you ask?

Launch Skype on your computer. Soon thereafter you'll see the following screen:




Please note that in the bottom of the screen you can select the 'Create an account' option. If you don't have an existing Skype account and you wish to create one now, that's the option you should select.

By clicking this option you'll be directed to Skype's website to begin registration:




Here, you can create a Skype account based on your Facebook account or based on your Microsoft account, if you have one. Alternatively, you can type in your Email address and click 'Continue'. Then, simply fill in your personal details:




Move on through the online application form until you've reached its final section:




Please note that some details are necessary to fill in if you want your Skype account opened. After you've finished typing in your personal details click 'I accept' and your account should be ready.


Logging into Skype with your freshly made account

Launch Skype, or return to the screen from which you've selected the 'Create an account' option earlier on:




Now, click 'Skype name' and the next window should appear:




You can now use the little arrow besides the Skype name field in order to select the account with which you'd like to log in. After you've selected the desired account type in your password and click 'Sign in':




What happens if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password access Skype's signing in screen and then select 'Can't access your account?':




Then, you'll be redirected to Skype's password recovery interface:




Follow the on –screen three simple steps and you'll be able to log into Skype in no time.


Good luck!


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