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How to install Skype

In order to use Skype you'll have to go through a short and simple installation process (which becomes even simpler and easier with this how-to manual). After you install the software you'll be able to place free calls, hold free video conference calls, and all together enjoy Skype's capabilities and features.


How is it done, you ask?

After you've downloaded Skype's installation file off our website – Skypesetup.exe, just launch it. By the way, this installation file also comes in Mac, Linux, and Windows versions.

After launching the file you'll be greeted by the following screen:




Select 'Run'. If your operating system's interface is set in a different language this process will also use that same language.

Skype's installation process allows you to select setup language and the software's interface language. Skype's installation wizard will automatically recommend the language that you should use. Naturally, you'll be able to change languages after you've installed Skype:




After you've selected the appropriate language select 'I agree – next'. This also confirms you've read Skype's Terms of Use and Skype's Privacy Policy and that you agree to comply with them.

Please notice that the installation process requests your permission to set Bing as your default search engine and MSN as your home page. You can always set any other search engine as your home page, or for that matter, any other webpage whatsoever, but missing this little thing can cause some confusion and even stir other emotions, like anger, when you launch your browser and suddenly find out that instead of your favorite home page, MSN decides to make an appearance.

Once you've reached this:




You're doing great and are about to complete the installation process. Please note that this step may take a few moments.

Once this step is complete, Skype will let you know it's launching itself and will then ask you to complete two more short steps:




The first step will take you through audio tests, video tests, etc.

The second step will enable you to add a profile photo. You can skip this step, add a profile photo later on, and simply start using Skype.


And, you're done! You've successfully installed Skype. Now, you can place free calls, hold free video conference calls, and enjoy Skype's capabilities and features!

Good luck!


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