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How to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues who reside oversees for free?


In days long gone, keeping in touch with people in other countries, let alone other continents was a matter of difficulty, hardship and not nearly enough efficiency.

Over the years several technological breakthroughs have enabled the evolvement of a few fast, effective and cost efficient ways to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues residing in different countries without the need to purchase, train and take care of an especially gifted carrier pigeon.

Reading further along you'll find a concise review of three free software through which you'll be able to place international calls without charge.

 Skype: Skype is probably the most commonly used software for placing international calls free of charge. Its many users enjoy its numerous advantages. By downloading the software and installing it on your PC you'll be able to instantly and with no cost whatsoever call other Skype users around the world. All you need is an internet connection, microphone and PC speakers and Skype will do the rest for you. Without doubt, this is one of the greatest and most efficient ways to keep in touch. Among Skype's other advantages are the ability to hold a video conference in addition to a regular call, a free instant messaging service and a free sharing service. To paying customers Skype offers discount calls for land lines, discount text messages sending and group video conferences of up to ten participants.


FreeCall: FreeCall is a free windows based software, a tiny application that takes up little hard drive space (5MB) and that allows you to place free internet calls to other FreeCall users and to regular land lines. As with Skype, you'll be required to go through a short download and installation process. On top of that you'll need a pair of PC speakers, a microphone and someone to call. This software is a great way to keep in touch with those you cherish and who are far away.

Globe7: Globe7 is a software program that features several capabilities. It's a compact application that allows for free internet national and international calls. To those who choose to pay, Globe7 offers discount calls to land lines and cell phones all over the world.


In addition to the above mentioned software, there are numerous other software and applications with which you'll be able to easily and freely keep in touch with friends, relatives and colleagues who reside oversees. Find them all under “Communication Tools



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