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How to Remove Google Chrome's Apps Button


It sometime seems that Google will stop at nothing while trying to promote products deemed unpopular by users.

After Chrome App Launcher was released and failed to bear the fruit Google had expected it to bear (as was the case in our site as it's downloaded quite sparsely compared with other Google products) Google is trying to push forward its applications using the newly added Apps button.


Many users were angered to find it aggressively located and to find they're unable to remove it.

However, fear not! Removing this button, which many find not useful is possible by right-clicking it and un-checking the 'Show apps shortcut' feature. Immediately thereafter, this button/shortcut will forever be gone from your lives… at least up until the next time Google tries promoting it in a different way.








By the way, to those of you who may find it interesting, actually clicking the shortcut will lead you to Chrome's applications page (which is mostly empty and which had only recently been enhanced with Google's search box).

Now, when you open a new tab displaying recently visited websites, Google's search box will also appear.



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