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Interview with the developer of ‘inBoundio’– Pushkar Gaikwad





PushkarFrom time to time we select a software we like and interview the developer or team behind it. It allows our users to grasp the qualities of the software and the developer/team. Please welcome Pushkar Gaikwad who will talk about inBoundio.


What is your title/job description?



How did you come to creating this software?

InBoundio is world's simplest online marketing software, you can call it as "Basecamp for Marketing".

Almost all the marketing software available in the market are either too costly are overly feature rich and doesn't appeal to small businesses. As I myself was looking for similar product which I didn't found so I went ahead and create one for myself.

I am the only developer and it is one man company right now though I do try to use freelancers to get some designing work done.


What are the key benefits of the software compare with alternatives?

inBoundio is very simple to use, doesn't have any learning curve and is ideal for small businesses unlike other software which are very bloated and have way too many features.

inBoundio has Social Media Management, Landing pages creation, Leads Management, CRM and Email marketing features. You can create landing pages and embed them on the web in just 60 seconds, capture leads, add them in CRM and send emails to your contacts in just 3 steps, something which other software lacks.


Where do you see the software 2 years from now?

InBoundio want to be the #1 entry level marketing software for small businesses throughout the world.



Thanks a lot Pushkar!

Download inBoundio here



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