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Interview with the developer of ‘Showmysoft!’– Justin Jacob




From time to time we select a software we like and interview the developer or team behind it. It allows our users to grasp the qualities of the software and the developer/team. Please welcome Justin Jacob who will talk about Showmysoft!.


What is your title/job description?


How did you come to creating this software?

I am in the field of IT more than 14 Years and after 2 year onwards i am interested in Software's and start a software site also ,after a long research i plan to make s simple software for system administrators to audit software's in an organisation or a individual  to find what are the software's installed on his own machines or a computer starter to know the installed software's on his own machine.


What are the key benefits of the software compare with alternatives?

1.The Main advantage is no installation required,can run anywhere like USB ,Share drive or CD/DVD.

2.Small Size with large Function.

3.No Ad-ware or spyware or No registration required .


Where do you see the software 2 years from now?

At present its only work with Windows and scan only windows machine my plan to to use with Linux or mac.


Thanks a lot Justin!

Download Showmysoft! here



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