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Interview with the developer of ‘VLockit!’– Lawrence Sweet




Lawrence SweetFrom time to time we select a software we like and interview the developer or team behind it. It allows our users to grasp the qualities of the software and the developer/team. Please welcome Lawrence Sweet who will talk about VLockit!.


What is your title/job description?

Software Engineer

How did you come to creating this software?

I needed a way to deploy virtualized software applications (with expensive embedded licenses) and render them useless if copied to a location other than the deployment target.

Also, vLockit can be used to render effectively useless sensitive data (such as a customer db) that has left the office or been otherwise captured by any non-authorized user.


What are the key benefits of the software compare with alternatives?

There are plenty of encryption tools and file managers, vLockit adds more administrative functionality and protects a company’s PR:

* locks files/data/content to a specific machine
* suppresses file copy attempts
* encrypts files and only decrypts them on-the-fly when opened
* generates vLocked shortcuts (to deploy to clients) for you via Admin. GUI.


Where do you see the software 2 years from now?

I would like to port it to mobile platforms via .Net/monoVLockit logo


Thanks a lot Lawrence!

Download VLockit! here


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