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Managing Skype Contacts, Importing Contacts, and Adding New Contacts

Skype's main goal is to enable its users to communicate with friends, colleagues, and family in an easy, simple, and convenient manner. People you communicate with via Skype are called 'Contacts', and they appear in a list in the left hand side of the software interface:




In order to expand your use of Skype you'll probably want to add new contacts.


How is it done, you ask?

Adding new contacts to Skype can be done solely through the software's interface and not through Skype's website. Now, you can add new contacts in two ways. The one way, is to manually add contacts one at a time. The other way, is to import contacts from Facebook, Outlook, or from any other email service address book.


Adding a single contact

Click the 'Add a contact' icon:



Using the search box you can look for contacts you'd like to add by typing in their full real name, their Skype name, or their Email address. When Skype locates your contact click on their name or profile photo, and then select 'Add to contacts':



After the contact you've selected to add to your contacts list will accept your invitation you'll be able to view their profile and enjoy Skype calls with them.


Adding a mobile phone or a landline as a contact

Click the 'Call' icon, select the country which the number you'd like to dial to is from by using the drop down list, and finally key in the desired number using the key pads:



After you've keyed in the number select 'Add to contacts' and then 'Save':



Your new contact will be saved to your contacts list.


Importing contacts from Facebook, Outlook, or from any other email service address book

If you'd like to import an entire list of contacts into Skype, select the 'Contacts' tab, and then select 'Import contacts':




Next, you'll be able to choose where you'd like to import contacts from:




After you've selected where you'd like to import your contacts from, and after you've typed in your user name and password to the address book from which you'd like to import contacts, you'll be presented with a list of contacts to import which will be comprised of contacts that have Skype accounts and contacts that don't have Skype accounts. Now you can choose whether to import the entire list or whether to import just some of it by unchecking the contacts you don't want imported.

In addition, you'll be able to send contacts who don't have Skype accounts invitations to join Skype. You'll be able to contact your imported contacts only after they accept your invitation.


Managing contacts

After you've finished editing your contacts list you'll be able to manage contacts' details, change their names, add data such as phone numbers, or to organize them within groups as you see fit.


And, you're done! You've added anyone you can think of to your Skype contacts list. Now, it's time to start calling them!

 Good luck!


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